Northrop Grumman ReVAMP and Curtiss-Wright

Northrop Grumman ReVAMP and Curtiss-Wright partnership
Northrop Grumman ReVAMP and Curtiss-Wright

Retain existing systems while upgrading to the most recent software

Northrop Grumman Real-time Virtualization and Modernized Protection (ReVAMP) technology is a software package that brings all the advantages of modern enterprise virtualization to embedded real-time systems. Northrop Grumman ReVAMP virtualization software allows integrators to update a system’s single board computer (SBC) and continue to run the legacy software with no changes to the software. ReVAMP represents an excellent opportunity for system integrators to reap the benefits of upgraded hardware, including cybersecurity upgrades, without the risk and cost of re-architecting their software environment.

REVAMP - Virtualization for Real-Time Systems

Real-time Virtualization and Modernized Protection (ReVAMP)

Curtiss-Wright is collaborating with Northrop Grumman to bring ReVAMP technology to the embedded avionics market. Using ReVAMP, Curtiss-Wright customers can now protect their software investment by virtualizing their VMEbus module and other embedded platforms, supplied by Curtiss-Wright, and then migrating that software to a contemporary VME or OpenVPX module.

Northrop Grumman ReVAMP

Combining Curtiss-Wright’s embedded computing processing cards with ReVAMP’s software enables customers to retain existing systems while upgrading to the most recent software. Our SBCs are available in a range of form factors and processor types, including Intel®, Power Architecture®, and Arm®.

With the collaboration between Curtiss-Wright and Northrop Grumman ReVAMP, customers can:

  • Upgrade legacy processors while maintaining their software environments
  • Protect their software investment
  • Update cybersecurity features without re-architecting software

Download the Northrop Grumman ReVAMP Datasheet

Download the Datasheet

Download the Curtiss-Wright SBCs for ReVAMP Product Sheet

Download the Product Sheet
SBCs Supporting ReVAMP
VPX6-1961 6U VPX SBC
6U VPX Intel Xeon W-11000E SBC for demanding mission computing, machine learning and virtualization applications
High-performance SBC with Intel 9th Gen "Coffee Lake Refresh" Xeon processor for enhanced processing and security in VME systems.
3U VPX Intel Xeon D processor card for digital signal processing, AI and machine learning.
VPX3-1708 3U VPX SBC
3U VPX NXP Layerscape LX2160A Arm SBC for high-performance, SWaP-optimized processing at low power envelope.
Intel Kaby Lake Xeon XMC Mezzanine Processor designed for space-constrained SWaP-sensitive programs.
VPX3-1260 3U VPX SBC
3U VPX Intel 8th Gen "Coffee Lake" Xeon processor card, aligned with the SOSA™ Technical Standard, for advanced processing and C5ISR applications.
3U VPX SBC with NXP Power Architecture T2080 processor for high-integrity, deterministic processing and extensive I/O requirements.
6U VPX NXP Power Architecture T2080 SBC combines the processing power of quad-core dual threaded 64-bit Altivec-enabled non-throttling computing with a rich I/O complement.
Migrating Legacy Software from Obsolete Hardware to Modern System Environments

Virtualization software can enable system designers to reap the advantages that enterprise virtualization and layers of cyber hardening bring to real-time embedded systems. Such an approach enables weapons systems to decouple software from specific hardware configurations and combat obsolescence. This approach makes it possible to protect older application software with contemporary cybersecurity protections that weren’t available when the code was first written.