Curtiss-Wright’s air data units serve as the primary air data computer (ADC) for a wide range of fixed and rotary wing vehicles, measuring static and total air pressure, altitude and airspeed, providing this information to the pilot, auto pilot and navigation systems. They also compute additional aircraft parameters, including height deviation, Mach number, air temperature parameters, maximum allowable airspeed, angle of attack and signal validities.

Curtiss-Wright has been supplying air data systems since 1976 and has fielded more than 12,000 units into a wide range of fixed and rotary-wing platforms. We have been working to produce the latest-generation commercial off-the-shelf ADC that can be packaged as a card-mounted module. These weigh less than 0.9lb yet contain the pneumatic sensors and processing electronics to generate the complete International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) air data parameter set.

The Air Data Computer Module (ADCM) is an alternative to the traditional air data computer LRU in that it is a slot-in module for integration into 3rd party host equipment such as an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) or multi-function display. The ADCM is a wholly proprietary product, based upon our decades of experience. The ADCM is designed using the latest high stability, low drift pressure transducer technologies and safety targeted electronics to provide a highly reliable and highly accurate air data computer that is simple to install, operate and maintain and provides low ownership costs.

The ADCM is highly configurable allowing the air data computer functionality and interfaces to be tailored to many aircraft types. Its safety-targeted design includes extensive built-in test (BIT) routines that minimize erroneous/misleading data and effects of Single Event Upsets (SEU). It is intended to be the primary supply of air data parameters to the aircraft systems. It calculates the air data parameters from information received from the pitot and static pressure sensors and an OAT probe. This computed information is supplied to other aircraft systems via an ARINC 429 bus, and to the host system over an SPI interface.

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