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Aircraft Life Extension – Usage Monitoring

Fleet managers are increasingly challenged to keep aircraft flying longer, into untested operational conditions. Usage Monitoring programs allow for real operational data to be gathered, verifying platform safety and continued airworthiness. Usage Monitoring programs include

Fleet managers with early access to a complete usage monitoring solution, are able to remove implementation delays and achieve return on investment years in ahead of schedule. This is made possible with Curtiss-Wright proven flexible “fit and forget” hardware and our expert partners who complete our solutions.

Usage monitoring strategy through partnership

Usage monitoring strategy with partners

Curtiss-Wright’s development approach leverages off-the-shelf Avionics Modular Building Blocks and a wide range of products that addresses multiple Avionics requirements and supports developers through prototyping, definition, qualification and long-tail production. This allows for rapid prototyping of new systems, low risk development of production units, and low and medium volume production.



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