Next generation HUMS

Rotorcraft HUMS systems have been widely adopted over the past 20+ years, and their value is without dispute but their weight and footprint can be a problem. Curtiss-Wright have partnered with Ultra Electronics to provide an integrated HUMS solution that is hosted within the next-generation Fortress flight recorder - no dedicated HUMS unit is required. Our solution allows for reduction in the number of LRUs, reduction in wiring and an overall reduction in weight on the order of 22 to 44 lb (10 to 20 kg).


Fortress HUMS

Curtiss-Wright has been manufacturing crash protected recorders since 1957, our latest iteration is called Fortress. A key design feature of the Fortress recorder is the addition of two interface slots to allow various added functionality such as support for different avionics buses and for data acquisition modules. The Fortress HUMS uses a spare interface slot to accommodate an Ultra Electronics Flightline Systems HUMS card. This card is the next generation of HUMS that utilizes a serial bus based network of active sensors that monitor critical components around the aircraft to provide diagnostic and prognostic information to the operator via a cloud based analysis system.

The Ultra HUMS card also has the ability to provide parametric flight data acquisition, again using a series of modules that interface to aircraft sensors and systems that will allow the traditional FDAUs to be replaced by an acquisition and recording system that weighs a fraction of the incumbent equipment. This addition means a fully ED-112A compliant CPR that can meet the functional requirements of ARINC 757 and ARINC 767 also supports a HUMS function. Analysis of a typical rotor application estimates that this can lower the installed weight from approximately 40 lb (18 kg) to just 13 lb (6 kg).Smart sensor networks reduce wiring needed

Fortress HUMS features multiple option data download capability including physically removable media, hardwired Ethernet and wireless connectivity. Advanced Bayesian analytics can be used for the provision of accurate diagnostics and prognostics and man readable open protocol data formats enable third party analysis. Fortress HUMS data management functions may be hosted locally on a restricted network, enterprise wide on an isolated secure server installation, or globally using private or third party cloud infrastructure.


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