Curtiss-Wright data acquisition systems(DAS) are used in several applications. Their highly reliable and compact design, which has been proven over decades in the harshest environments, coupled with high performance and modular design make these data acquisition units a perfect fit for several aerospace, land and marine data acquisition applications. A wide range of interface support and Ethernet compatibility yields a rugged off-the-shelf solution with powerful supporting software that facilitates fast setup and programming and integrates closely with display and analysis packages.

Examples of applications include:

Curtiss-Wright’s Data Acquisition Systems DAS are used to collect and condition data from one or more sources. These DAS typically digitize and/or process source data, making it readily available for storage or transmission. DAS components include

  • Sensors that convert physical parameters, including light, sound and temperature, to voltage current and other electrical signals
  • Signal conditioning circuitry that converts sensor signals so that they can be converted to digital values. Signal conditioning varies from one sensor type to another, but typically involves such values as amplification, attenuation, isolation and filtering, as well as other processes that prepare sensor output for processing after conditioning.
  • Analog-to-digital converters that transform conditioned sensor signals to digital values
  • Data acquisition hardware, which serves as the interface between the sensors and the computer on which acquired data may be viewed and analyzed
  • Data acquisition software, which facilitates setup of the DAS and performs the data analysis

Curtiss-Wright offers a variety of modular DAS units that offer developers the flexibility of customization for specific applications. The modular design permits customization with off-the-shelf components. These systems employ modular controllers and feature stable chassis design. This means that the complete DAS is customizable and that the DAS will be compatible with other technologies for decades to come.

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