A wide range of ruggedized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) image and graphics processor cards that combine high-performance and advanced cooling technologies to meet ground vehicle image processing requirements.

Get Faster Access to Crisper Images


Accelerate Any Visual Application

Upgrade to image and display technologies that give warfighters in ground vehicles the clear, near real-time visibility needed for mission success

  • Deploy target tracking, object recognition, and vehicle guidance systems that rely on high-definition, vehicle-mounted cameras
  • Reduce latency to enable the full-motion video warfighters need to ensure accurate situational awareness at all times
  • Support high-speed, parallel interfaces such as Camera Link

Minimize Power, Maximize Cooling

Overcome the challenges of deploying power-hungry video solutions in cramped and hot ground vehicles

  • Choose solutions with power requirements ranging from 1,000W to 3,000W
  • Rely on robust and proven cooling technologies, including innovative air-flow-through cooling that has a cooling capacity of up to 200W per slot
  • Eliminate the need for additional cooling infrastructure

Get More Sophisticated Processing in a Smaller Space

Rely on high-performance, field-proven image and display processing technologies from the trusted, proven leader in defense and aerospace to meet the toughest requirements

  • Choose ruggedized COTS processor cards in XMC, 3U, and 6U form factors to minimize space requirements
  • Drive up to four high-definition video displays with a single processor card
  • Combine multiple processing cards in a single system to manipulate huge data streams from gigapixel cameras

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