Data recording involves the capture of sensor data and storing that data for later analysis. The sensor data may come from radar, sonar, FLIR, camera, or any other similar devices. Data recorders capture this valuable data as it is streamed from the sensors. These sensors often have multiple channels and produce large amounts of data that cannot be slowed down. .At the data capture side of the recorder you will need the necessary hardware that allows the data to be captured at full line rate. A high-speed front-end IO system must be employed. Radar and sonar systems often use Serial FPDP to transport data streams. At up to 240MB/s, such a stream of continuous data can be difficult to capture in many recorders.

Many modern system architectures use Ethernet for communication between subsystems. Gigabit or 10 gigabit Ethernet technologies are being employed today. In such architecture, the data capture may occur remotely and then transmitted as data files. A network file server or network attached storage device is required to capture data in these network centric applications. These devices are viewed as a blend between traditional data recorders and modern architectures.

Curtiss-Wright provides a wide range of data recorders from streaming type to video capture to network attached storage.

Lab grade recorders are often PC-based Rack Mount systems supporting high-volume, streaming data recording. These data recording and playback systems support multiple IO options such as: Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 10 GbE, and Serial FPDP (sFPDP). Rack Mount recorders are expandable both in the number of channels as well as the storage capacity. Space saving internal storage drives as well as large volume external storage systems are available. Most rugged or deployed data storage will be integrated into the same enclosure with IO and processor. These deployable data recording and storage systems are designed to handle the wide temperature ranges and severe environments. Also such data storage must be removable so that after deployment the captured data can be taken out of the chassis and returned to a base for analysis. Standard SATA drive connectors only support 50 insertions cycles which is far too few for deployed applications. The removable drives need to have robust enough connectors to support the high insertion/extraction of the drives. Curtiss-Wright’s rugged, deployed data recorders support encryption to protect the data-at-rest. Encryption may range from FIPS 140-2 validated to NSA Type 1 certified.


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