Radar System Verification with Data Recorder and Playback System A maritime combat vessel required a multi-channel GbE and sFPDP, high speed data... MORE> The Challenges of Data Acquisition in Harsh Remote Places Today, data acquisition chassis need to be mounted in locations that are small,... MORE> Wireless Data Acquisition in Flight Test Networks The use of wireless data networks is ubiquitous in the consumer world and some of... MORE> ISR Pod Upgrade Enables Storage and Network Access of Fibre Channel Data The upgrade of a fixed wing ISR pod with a data recorder capable of storing Fibre... MORE> 6U to 3U Migration This white paper discusses the factors driving trends in moving from 6U rugged... MORE> Health Monitoring for Light Combat Aircraft Operators of a Light Combat Aircraft fleet wanted a simple, rapidly developed and... MORE> Optimizing Air Data Computers for Rotorcraft Applications Rotorcraft experience some unique phenomena because of how they operate and these... MORE> Addressing Safety and Maintenance Concerns without Increasing LRU Count The functions of a data acquisition unit can be combined into a Crash Protected... MORE> Rugged Switch Ensures Reliability for UGV On-board Network TORC employs rugged Parvus switch on-board unmanned ground vehicles to reliably... MORE> Shipbuilder Minimizes Obsolescence Risk with Network Attached Storage A large shipbuilding company performed a trade study to determine what DAS and/or... MORE> Fortress HUMS crash protected recorder for lightweight usage monitoring Curtiss-Wright provide an integrated HUMS solution that allows for a reduction in... MORE> Speeding Up Design Verification Testing of VPX Systems This white paper outlines the key challenges system integrators face when building... MORE>
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