Motion Control & Stabilization

Rugged landscape
Motion Control & Stabilization

Rugged, High-Precision, and Fully Configurable Motion Control Solutions

Our scalable motion control systems are developed and manufactured for complex and demanding applications. Every system we deliver is adapted and configured for the application's unique program, technical, and environmental requirements and engineered to provide unmatched levels of reliability and precision in the most challenging environments. 


Our evolutionary approach to system development allows us to quickly adapt and configure existing components to meet even the most unique and challenging motion control requirements. It also ensures that each system we deliver incorporates the latest advances in motion control and inertial stabilization technology.

  • Exceptionally smooth and responsive payload tilting
  • Greater payload stability at higher speeds over rougher terrain
  • Super-steady payload control in extreme conditions
  • Extremely accurate and precise payload movements
  • Superior payload balancing

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High-Speed, High-Precision Motion Control Solutions for Critical Defense Systems

See our full range of scalable solutions designed to control and stabilize defense systems.

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Deliver Target Location Accuracy and Precise Tank Turret Stabilization

Our motion control solutions for turrets on tanks and other armored vehicles are engineered to provide stabilized aiming that is reliable, cost-effective, and tailored to meet highly demanding program and platform requirements.

Eliminate the Manual Handling of Ammunition and Increase the Safety of Crew Members

Ammunition handling and loading systems improve firing performance while simplifying handling and increasing safety for crew members. These systems can be tailored for a wide variety of platforms, spaces, and locations. 


Stabilization and Control in Harsh Environments

Our system components undergo extensive testing to ensure it performs reliably and accurately in the most rugged geographic locations and the most severe weather conditions. As a result, our motion control systems precisely stabilize and control high-speed movements for the most demanding applications. Our flexible direct drive solutions can be incorporated into any defense system requiring robust and reliable drive technology. The possibilities are nearly endless, from precision missile launcher movements to mounted camera stabilization to radar and satellite system positioning.

Explore our motion control solutions for industrial applications

Because of their reliability and use of leading-edge COTS technologies, Curtiss-Wright electromechanical and electrohydraulic products are frequently used in industrial applications that require a rugged, dependable solution. For example, our camera crane technology is used in the film industry to stabilize cameras, enabling a steady shot in the roughest terrain. Our stabilization technology is used within the railway industry to manage the amount of tilt that occurs as a train travels around a bend to ensure safety and optimal passenger comfort. In the food industry, our technology is used to produce chocolate and cream.