Industrial applications

Bring Rugged Dependability to Industrial Applications

Take performance, precision, and quality to new levels with rugged and reliable solutions built for the long term

Our industrial solutions leverage all of the expertise and experience we've gained as a proven in defense and aerospace for decades.  As part of our standard processes, we: 

  • Follow the most stringent quality and reliability standards in every aspect of solution development and manufacturing
  • Apply strict controls on quality, compliance, and on-time delivery to our entire supply chain
  • Test extensively for failures and perform in-depth root cause analysis to ensure failures will not reoccur after solution deployment

Industrial Applications

chocolate pump  
High Viscosity Pumping

Bring unrivaled quality and endurance to the food production industry

Utility lines  
Energy Utility Inspection

Inspect high-voltage supply cables with rugged video management systems

Train Tilting Technology  
Train Tilting Systems

Electromechanical active tilting technology for high-speed rail systems


Directly sample RF data and move closer to a more cost-effective and practical end-to-end digital processing chain


Stabilize Payloads in Motion

Whether on the ground or in the air, you can stabilize payloads in motion with rugged, high-precision, and fully configurable motion control systems. Explore our scalable motion control systems developed and manufactured for complex and demanding industrial applications.

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Meeting the Challenge of Direct Sampling of SATCOM Data

A major SATCOM provider came to Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions to see if there was a way to combine the ultra-wideband sampling performance of the multi-gigabit ADCs and DACs with the high-performance FPGA products into a flexible architecture for a SATCOM product. Learn how the solution applied here can be applied to other wideband communication systems that use S-band or C-band frequency signals.

Any Payload, Any Motion Control Challenge, Any Environment

The challenges our high-precision motion control systems can address are almost endless. Every system is adapted and configured for the application's unique program, technical, and environmental requirements. Learn how we get you exactly what you need.

Neuhausen am Rheinfall

Take a Tour of the Motion Control Facility

Our virtual tour experience provides a close look at how our focus on quality, reliability, and environmental protection allows us to tackle more demanding terrain, reach higher speeds, and seize new opportunities.