In the military and defense industry, lowering program risk is essential to a program’s success. To optimize costs and meet program requirements, Curtiss-Wright offers standard product support for all COTS electronic boards.

Broker by Approval

This standard support offers full access to authentication reports to all board customers, including all supply chain and data reporting to standard testing guidelines included in AS5553/ARP6328 at no additional cost. To ensure full control, Curtiss-Wright regularly audits processes and systematic controls to ensure no brokered material is used without explicit knowledge and approval of the customer.

With Curtiss-Wright COTS electronic boards, all customers are guaranteed:

  • AS9100D certification
  • AS5553 & AS6174 compliance
  • 12-month warranty
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECO) enhancements
  • Software/firmware upgrades made available
  • Product bulletins for key industry obsolescence events

For support throughout your entire program’s lifecycle, explore our Total LifeCycle Management™ (TLCM) option here.



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