The Long-Life Advantage of Curtiss-Wright Graphics Boards

A Proven Track Record of Support | Safety Certifiability | Cost-Effective with Low-power | High Performance & Determinism

A proven track record of graphics support for long-life programs

Our current legacy: Curtiss-Wright’s M9 graphics-based PMC-704 was launched in 2004 and remains active today.

Our future legacy: Building on the longevity of the PMC-704, Curtiss-Wright now offers AMD E4690 and E8860-based graphics boards that are available for 15 years.

To ensure long-term availability, Curtiss-Wright, in partnership with CoreAVI, places 15 year supplies of the AMD GPUs into controlled storage. This planned supply enables us to support your long-life program with graphics modules for as long as they are required. Our PMC-704 and PMC-706 modules, both shipping since 2004, are still being supplied to our customers today and will continue to be available for many more years.

Availability of GPUs can be further extended through Curtiss-Wright’s Longevity Of Supply (LOS) and Longevity Of Repair (LOR) services.

Our long term supply approach means that upgrades can be made by choice, rather than forced by device supplier end-of-life notices. Programs can continue with the cost-effective, low-power AMD E4690, or upgrade to the E8860, with the design decision based solely on program needs.

If you need DO-254 or DO-178 Safety Certifiability

Our Safety Certifiable VPX3 OpenVPX Graphics Modules deliver AMD graphics with uncompressed streaming video capture and DO-254 or DO-178C artifact kits.

DO-254/DO-178 Safety Certifiable Graphics Processor
DO-254/DO-178 Safety Certifiable Full Stream Video Capture
DO-254/DO-178 Safety Certifiable Graphics and Video Card

If you need cost-effectiveness with low-power

Our highly-scalable, high performance graphics XMC-715 XMC module provides AMD E4690 graphics with dual independent video outputs and excellent performance per watt. The XMC-715 is also safety certifiable up to DO-178C Level A.

High scalability, high performance
Dual independent video outputs

If you need the highest performance

Our VPX3-716 OpenVPX Graphics Processor offers high performance AMD 8860 graphics in a single-slot, with six independent outputs, including an additional two DVI outputs and legacy analog outputs such as STANAG 3350 and RS-170. The conduction cooled VPX3-716 is fully qualified at full GPU clock rates for non-throttling operation from -40 to +85 card edge.

Highest performance
Six independent outputs
Dedicated video memory


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