Harness the Power of Modified COTS

The rapid pace of technological innovation, combined with customer demands for the latest technologies within shorter development times and limited budgets, creates major challenges for system designers and integrators. Curtiss-Wright has an extensive catalog of rugged COTS products and systems. If your progam requirements can not be satisfied with off-the-shelf products, we offer a Modified COTS (MCOTS) service that can provide you with the specific solution that you need. Curtiss-Wright, the single largest defense COTS module and subsystem supplier, has over 25 years of experience in military technology and system designs.

Leverage Market Leading Experience and Expertise

Backed by an extensive library of market leading COTS intellectual property, a multi-million dollar development and test infrastructure, and an experienced world class engineering team, Curtiss-Wright MCOTS services deliver unmatched design and development expertise for tailored rugged computing systems. Our unique combination of market leading experience and expertise and strong embedded industry partnerships enables the MCOTS team to ease the process of designing and developing efficient, high performance, state-of-the-art rugged military electronics. Our systems are qualified to the most stringent environmental and performance requirements, providing you with advanced technology solutions that are reliable and rugged.

Choose MCOTS Capabilities

Our MCOTS team offers a comprehensive selection of services that help you finish your project in less time and under budget. These services include:

  • In-depth requirements capture, definition and specification generation
  • Proven, detailed design processes, including critical design reviews, developed and enhanced through decades of experience
  • Award-winning aerospace and defense program management expertise
  • In-depth and thorough mechanical engineering, thermal analysis and ruggedization design
  • Extensive FPGA, graphics and communications development experience
  • Comprehensive board support package (BSP) development and porting
  • Optimal software driver integration
  • Experienced safety/security certification and artifact generation (such as DO-178B/DO-254)
  • The best COTS longevity of supply, obsolescence management and counterfeit prevention services available
  • Effective long-term product re-engineering and cost reduction strategies
  • Highly flexible development and manufacturing business models

Partner with Curtiss-Wright's MCOTS Team

Partnering with Curtiss-Wright’s MCOTS team for your custom design delivers the following benefits:

Reduced Cost

  • Save approximately 40% to 60% on project costs by leveraging our IP investment and development infrastructures

Reduced Risk

  • Draw on our experience and insights for building rugged boards and systems.
  • Capitalize on our extensive inventory of hardware and software IP building blocks, developed through decades of aerospace and defense projects.
  • Leverage the expertise of our major strategic partners so their road maps and technology directions can give you the inside track on the best approach for your project to take.
  • Tap into our Longevity of Supply and technical support services, specifically designed for aerospace and defense program support.
  • At the systems level, our pre-qualified systems eliminate extensive and costly qualification testing and verification processes.
  • Benefit from our quality project management and delivery processes, field-proven with hundreds of customers.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

  • Our experienced system developers can save you months of development time. Leverage their insights and knowledge to help your project cross the finish line sooner. 
  • The MCOTS approach lets you get your application development started right away using Curtiss-Wright's COTS products. While you focus on developing your application, let us focus on the COTS hardware and software.


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