Integration and Test Engineering

System Integration
Integration and Test Engineering

Curtiss-Wright's System Integration and Verification (SIV) group has the capability and technical knowledge to troubleshoot and/or debug all types of aerospace and defense embedded computing products, ranging from single board computers (SBC) and discrete I/O cards to gyros and motor controllers. The SIV group has the knowledge base and expertise to generate test requirements and test specifications, based on customer requirements, that are used to design test plans (DVT HALT) and test procedures (ATP, ESS, QUAL) and to design the test equipment that validates that the customer requirements have been met.


System Integration, Engineering, Test Planning & Verification Services

When you have a system integration challenge, reach out to our system design team as early in your program cycle as possible and let a Curtiss-Wright system architect put their system integration expertise to work for you. Our unmatched breadth of system integration capabilities helps to eliminate your design risk to ensure the success of your program’s system development, integration, and deployment.

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System Integration Engineering Services

Systems Engineering  
Systems Engineering

We have extensive experience in platform-level system integration and embedded hardware optimization, with a wide range of military and commercial applications.

Motherboard with digital chip  
Electrical Engineering

Our engineering team specializes in rapid product design and development for a broad and diverse range of products designed to lower lifecycle costs.

Environmental Testing  
Environmental Testing

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has extensive experience in environmental, electrical, power quality, and EMI qualification testing.

Test Engineering  
Test Engineering

The System Integration and Verification (SIV) group has the capability and technical knowledge to troubleshoot and debug all types of embedded products.

Thermal Analysis  
Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers have experience in electronic packaging for harsh environments, such as NBC, EMI, shock, vibration, temperature and radiation.

Software Engineering  
Software Engineering

OUr software engineers work with all aspects of the real-time embedded software lifecycle, including diverse programs such as DO-178B Level A.

Specialty Engineering  
Specialty Engineering

Our specialty engineering team handles RMS & ILS, product supportability and availability, and integrated logistics support engineering.

  • System Integration and Verification
    Engineering Support for Manufacturing Test and Returns: Troubleshoot and debug a wide range of products ranging from SBCs and discrete I/O cards to gyros and motor controllers
  • Test Planning and Verification: Generate test requirements and specifications used to design test plans (DVT, HALT), test procedures (ATP, ESS, QUAL)
  • Test Equipment Design: Design the test equipment that validates that the customer requirements have been met
  • Test Equipment Software: Modify existing software drivers, as well as create user-friendly drivers in Lab View, Visual Basic, and Lab Windows for all types of test equipment interfaces.
  • Hardware and System Integration
  • Qualification Testing: Experience in successful qualification tests on platforms such as manned and unmanned flight vehicles, manned ground vehicles, submersibles and ships
    • In qualifying aerospace, defense, and commercial vehicles, the SIV Group has gained expertise with all the required qualification documents such as:
      • DO-160D: Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment
      • MIL-STD-810: Test Methods Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests
      • MIL-STD-461: Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment
      • MIL-STD-1275: Characteristics of 28 Volt DC Electrical Systems in Military Vehicles
  • Field Test Support