Repair and Warranty Support for Santa Clarita, CA

Repair and Warranty Support for Santa Clarita
Repair and Warranty Support for Santa Clarita, CA

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is committed to the success of your program. Our customer service team is readily available to support your repair needs and answer your repair questions. We look forward to being your preferred supplier and exceeding your expectations.

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28965 Avenue Penn
Santa Clarita, CA 91355 USA
Phone: +1.661.257.4430
Fax: 1.661.257.4782
Email: [email protected]


  • RMA Processing (download the RMA Request form)
    • Once your RMA request form is completed, return it to [email protected]. Once received, we will provide: the RMA number, shipping instructions, warranty status, PO requirements, and import procedures/forms if the product is outside the U.S.
  • Return Support services
    • Once the product is received, we offer weekly repair summary reports and weekly conference calls to review the current status.
  • Return Instructions
    • All return units must be shipped to our facility with RMAs and Purchase Orders. This is applicable to all units, including warranty, evaluation, repair, retrofit, etc. Should a unit be received without both an RMA and a Purchase Order, we will kindly contact the sender to acquire the necessary paperwork. If no response is received within three (3) business days, we will return the unit back to the sender.

Our Manufacturing License Agreement with Ontic for Legacy Products


Curtiss-Wright (CAGE: 03972) is pleased to announce that we have agreed to a manufacturing license agreement with Ontic, the aerospace industry’s leading provider of ‘Extended Life Solutions’ for OEM legacy products and systems. These legacy products, listed below, which have been manufactured in our City of Industry facility, have now been transitioned to Ontic’s Chatsworth, California facility. Ontic will provide our customers with complete support, including production and aftermarket manufacturing and MRO services. Please ship your legacy products to:
20400 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA
+1(818)725-2352 phone
+1(818)678-6618 fax  
[email protected]
Item # Customer P/N Item Description Item # Customer P/N Item Description
2156-17 17B2D2100-501 Smoke Detector 2201-1 2201-1 Flasher 85 +/- 10 FPM
2156-34A 17B2D2100-501 Smoke Detector Test Set 2245-3 369D294539 Dimmer control unit
2156-55 2156-55 Smoke Detector 2245-5 369H6425-5 Dimmer control unit
2156-604A 2156-604A Smoke Detector 2310-2 5930-01-159-0437 Starter speed switch dual
2156-606A 2156-606A Smoke Detector 2326-1 60B40108-1 Fault current sensor
2156-646A 2156-646A Smoke Detector 2469-2 5913200 Sensor DC current
2156-656A 2156-656A Smoke Detector 2481-1 2481-1 Current sensor
2156-756A 2156-756A Smoke Detector 2481-5 2481-5 Current sensor
2156-80 2156-80 Smoke Detector 2532-1 8049859 Power Supply Solid State AC to DC
2156-827 17B2D2101-501 Smoke Detector 2533-2 712990 REV D Power Module/Battery Charger
2165-4 2165-4 Voltage averaging indicator 2533-4 713951 REV E Power Converter, Universal
2165-5 2165-5 Voltage averaging indicator 2533-6 902630 REV A Power Converter, Universal
2165-6 60B40085-4 Voltage averaging module 2533-7 716912 REV A Power Converter, Universal
2165-7 2165-7 Voltage averaging module 2534-1 8140110 REV D Power Supply, High Voltage
2200-12 2200-12 MD Engine Power Warning 2535-5 180761-005 Mechanical Outline MP/SP Power Supply
2200-3 369A4514-3 MD Engine Power Warning 6501-1 6501-1 Power supply Viper DRU
2200-5 369A4514-5 MD Engine Power Warning 94540-1 94540-1 Current monitoring 3-Phase