GS Works Frequently Asked Questions

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GS Works Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ/004 GS Works: How can I obtain a GS Works 7 evaluation license?

Please ask [email protected] to provide the FTP server details for which you can download the software version. Then read the instructions "Steps to obtain a license key.doc" found the installation folder. Please send the SYSID to [email protected] instead of [email protected] as mentioned in the instruction document. Support will send you the evaluation keys when we receive the SYSID and the PC name from where GS Works 7 was installed.

Please read the GS Works 7 data sheet before installing the software as It details the PC system requirements.

Training slides can be found on the FTP server that are very useful for discovering GS Works 7’s capabilities and understanding how to use them.

It's IMPORTANT that you do not install GS Works 7 on the same PC as kSetup1.9 or later. kQuicklook installed with KSM-500 may affect GS Works 7 as they use the same installation path. Please read the kSetup release notes.

FAQ/005 GS Works: I can see the lock in GS Works but the SFID is incrementing incorrectly. What could be wrong?

First, ensure that the SFID is set to increment by one in kSetup PCM frame builder. Second, ensure the wiring for the PCM DATA+ and PCM DATA- is not inverted. The SAM/DEC/007 will still get the lock even if the syncword is inverted.

FAQ/006 GS Works: I would like to transfer my GS Works license to a newer PC. What are the steps to follow?

To move an activated license from an existing machine to another, perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall GS Works from the computer with the existing license and collect the file C:\iadsUninstall.txt.
  2. Submit this file along with a request for a new key to [email protected]

FAQ/007 GS Works: I'm going to format my PC and I want to keep my GS Works 7 license. How can I maintain it?

As long as the hardware doesn't change you won’t need a new license. Make a note of your current SysId and Install key and, after reformatting the PC, install GS Works as normal. When you generate a SysId, it should be the same as the one you already had and your old install key should work.