AMD Xilinx FPGA Processing

Xilinx FPGA Processing
AMD Xilinx FPGA Processing

Bringing cutting edge technology to market with long life cycles, military grade options and powerful development tools

Today’s embedded, aerospace and defense industries rely heavily on modern commercial technology to meet the demanding power, size, and performance requirements of today’s digital signal processing systems. AMD Xilinx introduces new technology roughly every two years, tracking most major silicon geometry releases. Their devices offer the latest in SERDES technology, DSP building blocks, embedded block memory, sophisticated IO, security features and flexible 2.5D technology.

Dissecting Rugged Development of COTS FPGA Hardware

This white paper discusses the challenges FPGA modules carry and how best to meet them. Learn about the ruggedization challenges, cooling methods, qualification processes, VITA 47, and much more.

AMD FPGA Processing Solutions from Curtiss-Wright

As an AMD Partner, Curtiss-Wright works closely with AMD to select the most optimal FPGAs for our embedded products. These processors are large enough to perform the necessary DSP processing but fit within the thermal envelope needed to fully ruggedize. The parts enjoy long life availability and meet the high reliability requirements that Curtiss-Wright products demand for the long-term success of your programs.

Curtiss-Wright offers AMD processing systems and modules in 3U, 6U, and mezzanine form factors meeting open industry standards such as OpenVPX, VME, and XMC. They are supported by a range of Operating Systems, Board Support Packages (BSPs), and FPGA toolkits enabling your teams to bring applications to market quickly. Many of Curtiss-Wright's rugged processor modules also incorporate AMD FPGA processors.


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Understanding the Challenges of FPGA-Driven High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems

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