Intel Processing Solutions

Intel Processing Solutions
Intel Processing Solutions

A world technology leader with the highest performance in commercial processor technologies

Today’s embedded, aerospace and defense industries rely heavily on modern commercial technology to meet the demanding power, size, and performance requirements of today’s mission-critical systems. Intel’s tick-tock technology cadence, which alternates microarchitecture advancements with power-saving die geometry shrinkage, has produced continuous performance improvements with reliable, scalable processing options available to suppliers of SBCs and DSP engines for use in embedded control, processing, and compute-intensive applications.


Busting the Myth of the High-Power Intel Processor

There is a popular industry misconception that Intel processors draw more when compared to the power needs of Power Architecture and Arm processors. Intel processors boast the highest performance and efficiency.

Intel Processing Solutions from Curtiss-Wright

As an Intel Technology Partner, Curtiss-Wright works closely with Intel to select only specific Intel processors supported within Intel’s embedded technology group. These processors enjoy long-life availability and meet the high-reliability requirements that Curtiss-Wright products demand for the long-term success of your programs.

Curtiss-Wright offers Intel processing modules in 3U, 6U, and mezzanine form factors meeting open industry standards such as OpenVPX, VME, and XMC. They are supported by a range of Operating Systems, Board Support Packages (BSPs), and drivers for high-speed board-to-board communications enabling your teams to bring applications to market quickly. Many of Curtiss-Wright's rugged mission computers incorporate Intel processors.

Small & Ultra-Small Form Factor Mission Computers
Minimize SWaP without sacrificing performance. Our modular LRUs leverage industry-leading, open standards-based technology in highly rugged, miniature packaging.
3U VPX Systems
Our 3U VPX LRUs leverage industry-leading, open standards-based technology in highly rugged packaging.
6U VPX & VME Systems
Our 6U VPX & VME LRUs leverage industry-leading, open standards-based technology in highly rugged packaging for the most demanding applications.
Small Form Factor Integrated Solutions
Turnkey tactical and expeditionary solutions, based on Intel processing and the PacStar Tactical Communications solutions.
Program Specific Systems
Team with our system architects to define a system solution to meet your program requirements. See a few examples of these.
3U VPX SBC and DSP Cards
Choose the ideal 3U VPX processor card for your system's performance, security, and SWaP requirements.
6U VPX SBC and DSP Cards
Choose the ideal 6U VPX processor card for your system's performance, security, and SWaP requirements.
VME Processor Cards
Bring modern performance and Trusted Computing features to VME systems with our VME SBCs.
XMC Processor Cards
Add functionality or even more performance without occupying an extra slot.

SWaP-Optimized for Rugged Deployed Platforms

Intel processing modules from Curtiss-Wright combine multi-core processing capabilities, ECC protected memory subsystems, high-speed I/O, and some with advanced graphics capabilities, all in embedded form factors. Curtiss-Wright’s innovative thermal management designs at the subsystem level have enabled us to reliably integrate Intel Core processors across extended temperature ranges using advanced cooling methods, resulting in reliable and deterministic performance even at high operational temperatures.

Integrated GPUs Save You Even More Space

Incredible advancements with Intel’s integrated Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) have pushed the performance of their latest Core architecture chips beyond those of yesterday’s discrete GPUs. Whether used with OpenGL™ for mapping and graphics applications, or with OpenCL™ libraries to accelerate ISR and signal processing algorithms, these integrated GPUs combine incredibly high performance with low latency and increased security, while at the same time saving you valuable space, power and overall system complexity and costs.  

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Defense and Aerospace Applications

This white paper discusses the terminology, applications, challenges and technology enablers for machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in the aerospace and defense markets.