Flight Safety

DO-254 & DO-178B Safety Certification
Flight Safety

RTCA DO-254 / EUROCAE ED-80 Safety Certifiable COTS

Reduce your program cost, development time and certification risk

DO-254 safety certification for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles can be a costly and time-consuming undertaking, especially if the process is new to your organization. Working with a vendor that can provide safety certifiable COTS solutions that are designed for use in systems with Design Assurance Level A using AMC 20-152A as a means of compliance for safety certification can significantly reduce your program’s cost, and development time, and overall certification risk.


Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions has extensive experience and decades of proven success in airborne systems, providing hardware developed with safety certification artifacts for RTCA DO-254. Our range of solutions covers process-intensive civil and military embedded computing systems, 3U VPX processor cards, 3U VPX graphics cards and flight data recorders. We have the expertise to help you save time getting your systems certified.


Reduce Cost, Risk, and Time to Market with COTS Hardware

Our broad selection of open-architecture, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) rugged embedded computing solutions process data in real-time to support mission-critical functions. Field-proven, highly engineered and manufactured to stringent quality standards, Curtiss-Wright’s COTS boards leverage our extensive experience and expertise to reduce your program cost, development time, and overall risk. Learn about our safety-certifiable solutions.

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Accelerate Time-To-Market with Safety Certifiable Airborne Electronics Hardware

Using safety-certifiable COTS airborne electronics hardware (AEH) lets system integrators jump-start development efforts for avionics systems. Instead of taking on the risks, time, costs, and headaches associated with developing, documenting, and certifying hardware components themselves, integrators have ready-to-use building blocks that offer a clear path to certification.

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Benefits of Curtiss-Wright Safety-Certifiable COTS

Reduced Cost

  • COTS value priced safety certifiable hardware available with artifacts to support safety certification with no NRE costs

Increased Speed to Market

  • Why pay NRE and wait for development when you can procure with the same ease and availability as non-safety certifiable off-the-shelf hardware

Leveraged Technology Innovation

  • Benefit from Curtiss-Wright’s ongoing investment and commitment to product research and development
  • Protect your system and application with solutions aligned with industry specifications such as SOSA, FACE, OpenGL SC, MIL-STD-810G/DO-160G and VITA 46/65/42/61

Managed Risk

  • Reduce your program and schedule risk by engaging a specialist in the technology area
  • Enjoy the added security of Curtiss-Wright's extensive program management capabilities

Dissimilar Redundant Architectures Are Necessary for DAL A

This white paper examines how building a system with a dissimilar redundant architecture can help overcome the challenges of meeting DO-254/178 DAL A requirements.

COTS Modules Designed for Safety Certification

An alternative to more costly custom designs, Curtiss-Wright’s safety-certifiable COTS graphics, I/O, and single board computer modules reduce the cost and development risk for designers of systems with DO-254 safety certification requirements by providing the design artifact packages required to support successful safety certification. With these artifact packages in hand, system designers can focus on developing critical aviation applications for manned or unmanned aircraft systems, ultimately reducing overall development time.

Understanding Your Safety-Certifiable COTS Options

This white paper examines today’s safety-certifiable COTS offerings, from the design process to real-world examples of systems and applications.

Overcoming the Challenges of DO-254 Certification in Multi-core COTS Modules

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