NSA Type 1 Encryption

NSA Type 1
NSA Type 1 Encryption
What is NSA Type 1 Encryption?

A Type 1 product is a Classified or Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI) endorsed by the NSA for securing classified and sensitive U.S. Government information when appropriately keyed. The term refers only to products, and not to information, keys, services, or controls.

NSA Type 1 Data-At-Rest Encryption

This paper discusses the NSA program known as Type 1 encryption. Much of the data regarding Type 1 encryption is classified, so this paper will only deal with publicly available information.

Network-attached storage for unattended operations

The Unattended Network Storage (UNS) system, a rugged network-attached storage (NAS) solution, prevents unauthorized access to classified information in the event that the unattended platform is lost or stolen. It uses a DAR Type-1 encryptor that is planned to be certified for unattended operations of classified data Top Secret and below. The UNS provides system integrators with a fully rugged off-the-shelf solution that significantly lowers costs and program risk while speeding time to deployment.

NSA Type 1 Encryption

The United States government classified data may range from Confidential to Secret to Top Secret.

Type 1 devices are available to US government users, their contractors, and federally sponsored non-US government activities subject to export restrictions in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR). As cryptographic security devices, Type 1 encryptors are communications security (COMSEC) equipment. For effective COMSEC, sound cryptographic systems must be combined with transmission security, physical security, and emission security.


How is NSA Type 1 Encryption different than NSA CSfC?

This white paper discusses over a dozen factors will be discussed to compare the two encryption options. The analysis of those factors will be from a United States vendor or developer perspective. For instance, the export factor, that will be explored later, will refer to export from the US to other countries.

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Understanding NSA Type 1 Encryption

What to know all things NSA Type 1? This blog post is a great place to start.

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