Combining Curtiss-Wright’s powerful High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) processing systems and OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite including Bright Computing’s cluster and cloud infrastructure automation software, customers administer HPEC hardware, operating systems and workload managers using a unified interface to build reliable clusters quickly, and identify problems in software and hardware to keep your cluster healthy.

Curtiss-Wright and Bright Computing enable customers to:

  • Maximize return on your HPEC investment; Combining OpenHPEC tools including Bright Computing Cluster Manager with Curtiss-Wright HPEC systems enables customers to quickly build and provision hardware, operating system, and workload manager from a unified interface
  • Operate and manage a cluster in the HPEC system with ease, and maintain visibility into virtually every aspect of every node
  • Identify problems in hardware and software quickly to keep your system healthy
  • Collect and analyze data using machine learning and deep learning frameworks, libraries and infrastructure elements to provide aerospace and defense customers with a competitive edge

About Bright Computing

Bright Computing is a global leader in cluster and cloud infrastructure automation software. Bright Cluster Manager™, Bright Cluster Manager for Big Data™, and Bright OpenStack™ provide a unified approach to installing, provisioning, configuring, managing, and monitoring HPC clusters, big data clusters, and OpenStack clouds. Bright’s products are currently deployed in more than 650 data centers around the world. Bright Computing’s customer base includes global academic, governmental, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, oil/gas/energy, and pharmaceutical organizations such as Boeing, Intel, NASA, Stanford University, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Bright partners with Amazon, Curtiss-Wright, Cray, Dell, Intel, NVidia, SGI, and other leading vendors to deliver powerful, integrated solutions for managing advanced IT infrastructure such as high performance computing clusters, big data clusters, and OpenStack-based private clouds. For more information, visit

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