OpenVPX Connectivity, for faster, more capable systems.

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Introducing Fabric100

As the complexity of data processing for defense and aerospace applications increases, system designers must adapt to the latest proven technologies to deliver faster processing and information sharing. To address this challenge, our next generation of embedded computing cards and systems will feature Fabric100™ connectivity within systems and through optical links between systems. Fabric100 delivers uncompromised 100Gbps data processing and information sharing across the platform and is built upon and compatible with our proven Fabric40™ (40 GbE) technology.


Faster, More Capable Aerospace & Defense Processing Systems

Supporting faster processing speeds and lower latency, Fabric100 enables greater bandwidth connectivity within and between systems.

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Moving at the Speed of Technology

100 GbE technology is more than the future of embedded computing; it is the foundational building block needed to remain competitive and agile in an ever-changing defense landscape. Investing in Fabric100 components enables system integrators to quickly bring solutions to the field, ensuring their designs remain technologically relevant and efficient well into the future while minimizing program cost and risk.

Our Fabric100 portfolio of OpenVPX™ solutions enables integrators to take advantage of this latest technology in a proven, reliable way. From reduced program risks to alignment with industry-leading modular open system approaches (MOSA) and open standards, including The SOSA™ Technical Standard, the Fabric100 ecosystem allows systems to deliver information as needed by our users at the speed of relevance.


Balanced, Predictable Performance is Everything

Maximizing embedded digital signal processing (DSP) capabilities requires balancing processor performance with memory and I/O bandwidth and having the right features for secure, reliable defense processing systems.

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100 GbE Today

The unparalleled advancements and growth in data-centric information systems have caused a massive increase in the volume of data to carry and share, requiring connectivity superhighways to distribute and deliver this data to provide users with the information they need at the speed of relevance. For defense applications, responsiveness, accuracy, and precision have never been more critical to mission success. Decisions that could previously be made in tens of seconds now demand almost instantaneous responses to remain relevant on a modern battlefield. To facilitate the increased need for faster information sharing, we created Fabric100.

Fabric100 is aligned to important modular open systems approach (MOSA) standards, including The SOSA Technical Standard, which ensures increased interoperability between sensors and systems, enabling quicker and easier system integration.


Low-Risk Program Protection for MOSA Systems

Whether airborne, on land, or at sea, today’s systems pose more complex problems for security. All systems deployed on manned or unmanned platforms must now adhere to the DoD’s mandate for a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA).

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Sustainable Open System Approaches

MOSA is leading the industry toward consolidating replaceable line units (LRUs) into standards-based open architecture chassis, enabling system capabilities to evolve at the speed of technology. These chassis integrate many independent functional systems with shared data communications channels, so much more data flows through them. The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) Technical Standard is leading this MOSA, driving requirements of 40 GbE today towards 100 GbE for tomorrow. Developing an extensive range of 100 GbE processing boards and systems is critical for system integrators to protect the longevity of their platforms, enabling future upgrades and replacements in pin-compatible form factors to enhance systems without replacing infrastructure.


Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA)

The SOSA Technical Standard defines a common framework for transitioning sensor systems to an open systems architecture.

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Proven Expertise

Curtiss-Wright has a long history of effectively maximizing new technology for the aerospace and defense industries. The Fabric100 product line builds on this experience and applies the latest Ethernet networking technology to proven OpenVPX technology. Our Fabric10, Fabric20, and Fabric40 ecosystems, offering 10Gb, 20Gb, and 40Gb fabrics are the trusted bedrock of many of today’s defense programs worldwide. By consistently investing in advanced signal integrity, packaging, cooling, miniaturization, safety, and security technologies, we deliver the assurance of the latest commercially produced technology that is thoroughly tested and demonstrated to be interoperable and program-ready.

Working with industry standards bodies, such as VITA and the Open Systems Group, Curtiss-Wright promotes industry best practices and is a leading MOSA standards contributor. We partner with leading S-SOTA providers including Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD.

Advanced, Holistic Engineering

As 100 GbE and faster silicon have become available, we have engineered and proven the technologies to create the most comprehensive, low-risk 100 GbE ecosystem of OpenVPX systems and system components under Fabric100™. Fundamental to Fabric100 are high-speed signaling technologies and design techniques supporting 16 Gbaud data rates for PCIe Gen4 and 25 Gbaud data rates for 100 GbE connectivity, for robust system-wide signal integrity to meet the requirements of rugged, deployable systems.

Curtiss-Wright has designed its Fabric100 products with the highest level of interoperability possible, and we work with industry standards bodies, such as VITA and the Open Systems Group, to promote industry best practices.


The Secure Connection

Embedded electronics require enhanced trusted computing protections to defend mission success from compromise from physical and remote attacks as well as hardware and software failures. Our trusted commercial-off-the-shelf (TrustedCOTS™) and enhanced TrustedCOTS portfolio of embedded security products and capabilities are aligned to give you the flexibility, control, and options you need to build in the right level of assurance into your program.

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Trusted Security

Curtiss-Wright builds trusted computing technologies into every aspect of our security solution development, from design and testing to supply chain and manufacturing.

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What Fabric100 Delivers

Expanding connectivity bandwidth within and between systems results in faster time-to-solution and greater mission capability through higher data resolution and fidelity while reducing latency. Increased bandwidth connectivity within systems enables their processing elements to transfer and share more data faster and with less latency, which is critical for modern sensors that rely on increased volumes of data to be efficiently processed to extract actionable information. Higher bandwidth connectivity between systems enables more data and actionable intelligence to be efficiently shared using more data types for increased mission effectiveness and integrated situation awareness.

Previous generation 10/40 GbE technologies are adequate for many existing systems and data needs today, but as technology advances, it will be critical to develop a broader and faster data pathway. Increasing bandwidth to 100 GbE solves both the lower time-to-solution need that future embedded computing systems will require and the need for interconnected systems that carry more types of data without sacrificing resolution, fidelity, or latency.



Reducing Risk, Cost, and Schedule

Fabric100 is based on three fundamental principles that reduce your program's risk, cost, and schedule while building in open system design maneuverability and the performance required for today and future missions.

Ease of integration

One of the main challenges in applying new technology to existing systems is integrating disparate components from various vendors and mitigating integration risks by ensuring the components all work together as intended. The Fabric100 ecosystem has been designed and tested to ensure each card works as with other cards within the system. With one vendor, system integrators can focus on the system as a whole instead of spending resources to resolve complex compatibility challenges.

High, reliable performance

The Fabric100 ecosystem uses the latest Ethernet technologies and applies them to the rugged OpenVPX form factor for deployment in harsh environments. By leveraging our vast 10 GbE and 40 GbE expertise and proven technology, we have effectively modeled and demonstrated consistent and reliable 100 GbE connectivity across the largest OpenVPX systems enabling the most contemporary processing resources to communicate without restriction.

Greater performance through open system approaches

We are a leader in open standards, with seats on multiple open standards organizations, including VITA (OpenVPX) and SOSA. For decades we have been leading discussions that shape how open standards are defined and adopted for maximum system interoperability, affordability, and scalability.



Fabric100 & Fabric40 Expanding Ecosystem

Our Fabric100 ecosystem of OpenVPX cards and systems is interoperable with previous-generation Fabric40 technology and assures extensive environmental, performance, and interoperability verification. By delivering a complete ecosystem of OpenVPX system building blocks and the assurance of proven system performance, we are providing low-risk, state-of-the-art technology for your next-gen processing system. Our proactive and comprehensive approach to engineering, manufacturing, testing, and qualification delivers the trust demanded from proven leadership for your program’s critical processing requirements.


CPU-Based Processing Cards

CardDescriptionForm FactorTechnologyExpansion PlaneData PlaneSOSA Profile
VPX3-12623U VPX 100 GbE-Enabled SBC with Intel® Raptor Lake Processor3UFabric100PCIe Gen 4100 GbEI/O Intensive and Payload SBC
CHAMP-XD46U VPX Dual Intel® Xeon® D-2700 and Cognitive DSP Processor6UFabric100PCIe Gen 4100 GbECompute Intensive Processor Plug-in-Card
VPX3-12609th Gen Intel® “Coffee Lake” Refresh Processor3UFabric40PCIe Gen 340 GbEI/O intensive SBC & payload processor
CHAMP-XD3Intel “Ice Lake” D-1700 Processor with Enhanced TrustedCOTS MPSoC3UFabric40PCIe Gen 340 GbEPayload processor
CHAMP-XD2Dual Intel Xeon D Processor6UFabric40PCIe Gen 340 GbEOpenVPX
CHAMP-XD2MIntel Xeon D Processor, Expanded Memory6UFabric40PCIe Gen 340 GbE-
VPX3-1708NXP Arm LX2160A Processor3UFabric40PCIe Gen 3PCIe Gen 3I/O intensive SBC


FPGA Processing Cards

CardDescriptionForm FactorTechnologyExpansion PlaneData PlaneSOSA Profile
CHAMP–FX76U VPX Dual AMD® Versal™ Premium Adaptive System-on-Chip processor6UFabric100PCIe Gen 4100 GbEHigh-performance I/O


Network Switching and Routing Cards

CardDescriptionForm FactorTechnologyExpansion PlaneData/Control PlaneSOSA Profile
VPX3-6826100 Gb Ethernet Switch3UFabric100-100 GbEIndependent Data/Control Plane switch
VPX3-6816100 Gb Ethernet Switch3UFabric100-100 GbEData/control plane switch
VPX3-663Combined PCIe & 10 Gb Ethernet Switch3UFabric40PCIe Gen 310 GbEExpansion/Control plane switch
VPX3-68710/40 GbE Ethernet Switch3UFabric40-10/40 GbEData/control plane switch