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Vehicle Control Processors and Network for Autonomous Mining Trucks

March 01, 2017

An experienced autonomous system supplier for both military and commercial vehicle platforms sought reliable COTS electronics hardware to upgrade their multi-platform autonomy kit in support of a mining truck program that was both cost-sensitive and schedule-constrained.

Vehicle control processors and networking

Upgrade Airborne Radar within Power, Cost & Temp Constraints

February 02, 2017

To remain competitive, a Curtiss-Wright customer needed to upgrade an existing radar system that was deployed across multiple airborne platforms. A critical part of the upgrade was doubling the system’s signal processing throughput.

Increasing Memory Capacity by 400% to Solve Sensor Fusion Challenges

January 31, 2017

Increase memory capacity by 400% to solve sensor fusion challenges. Read the full details here.

Memory Capacity, Sensor Fusion application,

Pods: Bridging the SWaP-constrained Gap Between Old and New

January 27, 2017

A customer approached Curtiss-Wright with a requirement of upgrading to modern COTS hardware while keeping legacy proprietary infrastructure. Read about the SWaP solution Curtiss-Wright developed here.

Pods, SwaP

A COTS Approach to Data-at-Rest Encryption Onboard an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)

January 19, 2017

A system developer needed a network attached storage (NAS) device for an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). Due to the size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints of the vehicle, the NAS needed to be very small while providing the network services of a larger file server. Read about the...

Data at rest encryption, Unmanned Underwater vehicles

Meeting Performance Benchmarks Using Light System Integration for Radar Applications

December 22, 2016

A large radar developer wanted to build a radar system based on a large number of DSP processor modules interconnected via a 40G switch, some FPGA modules, and an FMC. Learn about the solution we developed.

Radar applications, FPGA

On-Board Critical Frequency Detection Firmware for Aircraft Standalone Real-Time Processing

December 22, 2016

This case study discusses the challenge a Curtiss-Wright customer, a major Flight Test organization, had where they needed to implement a compact, rugged flight test system with real-time analysis running on hardware.

Degraded Visual Environment (DVE): Uncovering the Invisible

November 23, 2016

Using a Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) system enables aircraft pilots to visualize the landing area in poor conditions, allowing them a safe, on time descent to their target destination.

Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)

Highly Reliable Network Interface Capability for Missile Defense Platform

November 07, 2016

A major SAM supplier sought a rugged COTS switching solution capable of providing a 20-year service life and complying with all reliability requirements.

Network Interface Capability

Low-SWaP Ethernet Switch for Fighter Jet Advanced Sensor Pod

November 02, 2016

A major aerospace supplier with proven sensor and aircraft development experience required a low-SWaP Ethernet switch for a multi-sensor fighter aircraft pod designed to fulfill urgent capability gaps for critical air-to-air missions.

Ethernet Switch Fighter Jet

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