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Ship-to-Ship Communications Tech Refresh

May 04, 2017

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A customer approached Curtiss-Wright with requirements to build a maritime system with as much Canadian content as possible. Their system – a ship-to-ship communications package – contained aging hardware. Their previous vendor could not supply this program with replacement boards, and as our customer was interested in chasing new opportunities, they wanted to update their product.

Since their ship-to-to-ship communications system requirements would not be changing, they needed the new hardware to fit into the same SWaP-constrained area occupied by their existing hardware. They also required backward compatible connectivity and functionality with their currently installed systems. What’s more, they needed to find a supplier who could support their program for another 20+ years.


Our customer is very happy with their Canadian-made ship-to-ship communication system - a cost effective solution with the latest and greatest technology capable of working well into the future, as well as enabling replacement of older, existing systems.

Their new system also has the potential to be ported into new form factors, and therefore, enables our customer to easily tap into new markets. Not only that, but their new system is also scalable, allowing our customer to add additional processors and other modules into their system if needed, and it’s supported for the long haul through our Total LifeCycle Management services.

Their new COTS hardware saves them money, man hours of support, and allows them to move to the future with new technology while still keeping existing systems up and running without added expense and time. The fact that the hardware we provided is Canadian-made and the support we offer is Canadian based made all the difference to our customer and their targeted opportunity.

Read the full case study and learn more about the solution and results. Click here to download the Ship-to-Ship Communications Case Study.

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