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Flexible, Secure Data-at-Rest Storage for ISR Applications

December 01, 2015

A high capacity 3U VPX storage system with data-at-rest encryption was developed to support a deployable ISR system. Interoperability between the SBCs and storage mitigated system integration risk.

Acra KAM-500 Helps to Breathe New Life into the Young Eagle

October 31, 2015

In order to guarantee a high level of measurement reliability, the Air Force Institute of Technology (ITWL) sought to have sensor redundancy, with multiple strain gauges at each load measurement location. Learn about the solution.

Secure Network Router and Gigabit Switch for Maritime Patrol Aircraft

October 28, 2015

A leading aircraft system integrator required a rugged network router and switch as part of a mission system upgrade contract for a European navy aircraft fleet assigned to maritime patrol, reconnaissance, antisurface warfare and anti-submarine warfare applications.

Fully Integrated Ground Vehicle Computing and Video Solution

September 09, 2015

This case study highlights a customer's need for rugged mission computers on an Intel Linux environment that needed to display information to crew members on a high brightness, anti-glare, small, rugged mission display.

Design Adjustments and Flexible Manufacturing Keep Airborne Radar on Schedule

August 05, 2015

Curtiss-Wright recently engaged with a customer designing an upgrade to an airborne radar processing system. Read the case study!

Advanced SIGINT Capability for a SWaP-constrained Platform

July 20, 2015

This case study describes a solution to detect and locate SIGINT signals of interest quickly and meet SWaP-constraints of the airborne platform.

IMMC: Integrated Mission Management Computer

June 25, 2015

Through expertise in designing SWaP-optimized systems, Curtiss-Wright designed the flight control computer with alternate mounting technique, which resulted in significant improvements in thermal performance, system reliability and overall system performance.

Overcoming DAL-D Development Pitfalls with Modular Avionics COTS

May 27, 2015

This case study describes a crash-protected recorder designed by Curtiss-Wright to interface to a Data Management Unit (DMU) for a mid-range commercial airliner which had schedule challenges and changing requirements.

Rugged Data Acquisition for Missile and Captive Carry Platforms

May 15, 2015

Learn about the data acquisition solution that met the space requirements for a missile testing application.

Airborne Signal Processing and Display Computer

May 05, 2015

An extended-service marine patrol aircraft required a signal processing and display computer to provide an upgrade in capability and performance. Learn about the solution Curtiss-Wright provided!

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