FAQ/050 KSM-500: When I run Discover, I get this error message "Module in KAM-500 DAU 0 slot 3 has failed its bit walk test." How can I resolve it?

August 18, 2014

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The answer is not straight forward as it can have different causes: Programming link

  1. If you have a spare BCU you could rule out the BCU as being a problem by replacing it and trying Discover again.
  2. If you have a spare SAM/DEC you could rule it by replacing it and trying Discover again.
  3. Check that the KAM-500 is grounded. Refer to TEC/NOT/063 - Grounding of the KAM-500.
  4. Check your programming cable. Refer to the BCU and SAM/DEC datasheet for the pin out and check with an ohm-meter. If the cable got bent, the shield might be touching the programming line.

Module fault

  1. If the issue remains, remove all the modules (apart from the BCU) and run Discover. If this is successful then add the modules one by one, running Discover each time. This will tell us which module is at fault if it is a hardware fault.
  2. If the issue remains, it could be a chassis fault. You could rule out the chassis being a problem by replacing it and trying Discover again.

Diverse fault

If the issue remains, please contact acra-support@curtisswright.com with the results of the suggested tests above.

  1. Check if there is any dirt or foreign matter either on the backplane connectors of the chassis or the connectors of the modules themselves. It can be cleaned with a paintbrush or the like.
  2. Visually check the connectors in the chassis to ensure that they are giving good contact. One of the spring loaded connectors in the backplane connector may have gotten widened – thus giving a bad contact. In that case carefully straighten the connector with a pin or something similar ensuring you take proper ESD precautions.

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