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MANTIS ELP - Aircraft Traversing & Maneuvering

May 10, 2017

The Mantis ELP for helicopter and aircraft traversing and maneuvering. Connect & disconnect hands-free and rotate 360 degrees within confined spaces - the Mantis ELP is ideal for ground and deck handling. Watch our video to learn more

navy gse, military gse

Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) Video

March 30, 2017

Degraded Visual Environment systems provide pilots with the advanced visual technology needed to safely land their aircraft. See how our DVE systems can help you!

Degraded Visual Environment

INDAL MANTIS RAM Aircraft Tug Demonstration

December 22, 2016

The MANTIS aircraft tug is designed specifically for deck and ground handling of military helicopters and fighter aircraft.

Navy gse

Meeting the demands of signal intelligence and electronic warfare with the VPX3-530

December 19, 2016

With increasingly advanced threats in signal intelligence and electronic warfare, systems need to be reliable and SWaP-optimized. Stay ahead of the game with Curtiss-Wright and the VPX3-530.

signal intelligence

Processor Mezzanines Add Power Without Adding Slots

December 12, 2016

See how processor mezzanines can reduce your risk and time to market while saving you space, power, and money by adding processor density to your application without adding slots.

Mezzanine Processor

INDAL Mantis Shipboard Helo Handler (SHH)

December 11, 2016

The INDAL MANTIS Shipboard Helo Handler (SHH) is an aircraft mover designed specifically for deck and ground handling support of military helicopters and fighter aircraft, especially the new generation low ground clearance aircraft such as the Lynx Mk8. The Mantis enables safe...

INDAL MANTIS Helicopter handler

Highly Configurable Air Data Unit Reduces Costs

September 12, 2016

Reduce maintenance and operational costs. The ESCADU air data computer holds 15 configurations for 15 different aircraft in one unit.

ESCADU Air Data Computer

Transferring Data from Data Acquisition Units (DAU)

August 23, 2016

Transferring data from a data acquisition unit can be done in different ways to match the kind of data that you are acquiring in order to maximize bandwidth. In this video, David Buckley talks about how data can be packaged to suit different data sources.

Data Acquisition Units (DAU), Transferring Data

Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Sources

August 23, 2016

Data acquisition systems typically gather data from two kinds of sources – synchronous and asynchronous sources. In this ‘knowledge packets’ video, David Buckley talks about what this means and how to best capture this data to ensure data coherency.

Data Acquisition Units (DAU), Asynchronous, Synchronous Data Sources

Air Data Fundamentals

June 06, 2016

Air data computers are used by aircraft to acquire and process data from pitot and static pressure sensors, data buses and analog inputs to obtain key air data parameters.

Air Data Computers (ADCs) fundamentals

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