Helix - The New VMEbus Interface

April 01, 2016


This video features Curtiss-Wright's Helix FPGA solution which provides the same functionality as the discontinued Tsi148 VME Interface Chip.

Video transcript for the hearing and visually impaired

Does your rugged VME system use the Tsi148 or Tempe chip and you've just remembered it was discontinued?

Many aerospace and defense customers use that device for their system's VMEbus interface. Without it, VME upgrades and board replacements are practically impossible.

Your VME system is a workhorse: powerful, rugged and reliable. You would hate to give it up.

You cannot even think about the cost and time to design and qualify a whole new system in a new form factor from scratch.

You’re on a tight budget and tighter deployment schedule. And your program’s longevity is in big trouble. Well, not any more!

Curtiss-Wright’s got your back. Our new VMEbus interface is the perfect solution to the Tsi148 chip’s obsolescence – and is 100% backplane compatible with your current VME system.

It’s called “Helix”. It’s a VME interface in an FPGA, and provides the same functionality and more found in the discontinued Tsi148. Curtiss-Wright is using this new solution on all future VME cards.

New boards using Helix are 100 percent VMEbus pin compatible and work the same with no cost premium over Tsi148-based designs…and since it’s an FPGA solution, it’s obsolescence resistant!

We created the Helix solution because Curtiss-Wright is committed to the continued viability of the VME form factor, and to producing new VME modules to support your programs well into the future.

Curtiss-Wright’s value includes years of VME design experience, state of the art manufacturing in our own facilities and a franchise only supply chain to prevent counterfeits.

You get platform quality, reliability, and peace of mind – start to finish.

Don’t let TSI148 discontinuance force you to upgrade to a new form factor when VME still works for you.

Curtiss-Wright’s Helix solution will save you time and money. We know how much you rely on your existing VME systems, and we’re here to make sure you can deploy VME for years to come.

Call Curtiss-Wright today. Stay on budget. Deploy on time with Helix from Curtiss-Wright.

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