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Reducing Risk and Accelerating Time to Market With Turret Aiming and Stabilization

April 19, 2018

Turret aiming and stabilization systems must enable steady and precise control in rough terrain at high speeds. This white paper looks at the value of integrated stabilization systems.

Turret stabilization

The Need for Speed: Using Photogrammetric Analysis with High-Speed Cameras in Flight Testing Applications

April 09, 2018

Flight test engineers encounter situations where they need to use photogrammetric analysis to determine how objects, surfaces and mechanical systems perform. This white paper will discuss what is required for success.

High-speed cameras, Photogrammetric analysis, flight test

Finding the Right Naval Aircraft Handling System

March 27, 2018

The ability to safely and securely maneuver aircraft on ships is a crucial requirement for every navy conducting airborne operations at sea. This white paper looks at finding the right naval handling system.

aircraft tug, aircraft handling system, navy ground support, navy gse

A New Era for Embedded Computing: Why Arm Processors Are Ideal for Defense, Aerospace, and Rugged Embedded Applications

February 28, 2018

Mike Slonosky and Mike Southworth look at why Arm processors are ideal for defense, aerospace, and rugged embedded applications providing unmatched performance.

Arm Processor

Ultra-Small Form Factor Mission Systems: Great Things Come in Small Packages

February 26, 2018

The military and aerospace market maintains an insatiable appetite for smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Recent technological breakthroughs in SWaP-C reduction has yielded the introduction of USFF mission computer and networking systems.

Small Form Factor (SFF) Mission Computer and Networking Systems offer SWaP-C reduction

Reducing Integration Headaches with Ground Vehicle Optimized Displays

January 12, 2018

The modern battlefield requires real-time information, voice communication, video and data to increase combat effectiveness and warfighter safety. This white paper looks at how rugged COTS displays can meet varied mission requirements.

Video Display, Video, Ground vehicle, tank, mission display

Accelerate Time-To-Market With Safety-Certifiable Airborne Electronics Hardware

January 12, 2018

This white paper looks at how using safety-certifiable AEH components, developed and tested to DO-254 and DO-160 standards, allows system integrators to jump-start development efforts for avionics systems reducing time and cost.

DO-254, DO-160, VITA 47, Safety Certifiable,

The Many Faces of Trusted Computing

January 10, 2018

Defense and aerospace systems may be exposed to many security threats so every system needs the right level of protection to ensure that it cannot be hacked or expose sensitive information. This white paper examines how to protect critical platforms and data.

hacking,  anti-tamper, anti tamper, reverse engineering, defense

Staying Connected: High Availability Embedded Networking

January 08, 2018

Embedded systems are increasingly connected to local and wide-area networks to share data and may be unable to complete mission-critical functions if connectivity is lost. This white paper takes a look at staying connected with high-availability embedded networking.

WLAN, LAN Mission systems, connectivity,

How Performance and Programmability Can Power Video Mixer Display Applications

January 08, 2018

This white paper discusses how high performance GPGPUs combined with FPGA interface flexibility can provide increased programmability and versatility to a mission's video capabilities.

GPU, FPGA, Situational Awareness, Mission Display

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