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Enabling Multi-Core Processing in DO-254/178 Safety-Certifiable Avionics

June 01, 2020 | BY: Mike Slonosky, Rick Hearn

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Multi-core processors (MCPs) have become increasingly prevalent in aerospace and defense technology. While MCPs are favored by system designers due to their ability to increase computing power without significantly impacting size, weight, and power (SWaP), the challenge lies in ensuring their reliability for certifiable, safety-critical avionics applications.

A Simple Dual-Core Configuration

A Simple Dual-Core Configuration

Organizations such as EASA and the FAA are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges posed by MCPs, hindering the certification process for MCP-based systems. To that end, the Certification Authority Software Team (CAST), which is made up of certification authorities from North and South America, Europe, and Asia, has published a position paper on MCP-based systems called CAST-32A, identifying specific topics that need to be addressed by any MCP-based system design. It details how planning, testing, verification and reporting are important parts of this process, and fundamental to dealing with challenges inherent in MCP-based systems. This is where choosing the right real time operating system (RTOS) can be the key to overcoming these challenges, allowing system designers to achieve the most out of their avionics system.

Read our full white paper to learn more about the certifiability challenges MCPs face, as well as practices to assure the safe performance of MCP-based systems. Download today to learn about

  • CAST-32A guidance on multi-core challenges
  • How DDC-I’s Deos RTOS enables multi-core environments in safety-critical applications
  • Multi-core hardware foundations for Deos

Author’s Biography

Mike Slonosky

Senior Product Manager, Power Architecture and Arm SBCs

Michael Slonosky is the Product Manager for Power Architecture Single Board Computers in the C4 Solutions group at Curtiss-Wright. He has been with Curtiss-Wright for 13 years after spending over 20 years in the telecom industry. Mike is a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Author’s Biography

Rick Hearn

Product Manager, Safety Certifiable Solutions.

Rick Hearn is the Product Manager for Safety Certifiable Solutions for Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. Rick has over 25 years of experience in design and design management positions in the Telecommunications and Defense industries including 11 years of experience in design management and program management at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions.

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