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Intel Single Board Computers for Small to Mid-Size ISR Applications

January 08, 2015 | BY: Aaron Frank

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A movement to deploy ISR capabilities at all levels of the tactical battlefield is driving demand for processing systems that are small, rugged and cost-effective. This white paper will discuss how Single Board Computers based on the latest multi-core Intel processors can meet that need, with the additional advantages of flexibility and a broad base of software support.

ISR Expands Across the Battlefield

A growing trend on the electronic battlefield is the migration of sophisticated ISR applications to positions closer to the warfighter. The radar, signals intelligence and EO/IR (Electro Optical/Infrared) capabilities that were initially deployed on a few large platforms, and used by theater-level operations, are now required in some form or other across the battlefield. The new generation of ISR systems is being deployed across a wide range of platforms and operating within a flexible system-of-systems implementation model.

System designers face multiple challenges as they build this new generation of ISR systems. The systems need to be:

  • Able to support sophisticated applications with very high throughput, low latency processing
  • Fielded rapidly, which means systems that are easily configured and tested, re-using existing application software whenever possible
  • Cost effective, with many units potentially deployed for some programs
  • Physically smaller, so they can be easily deployed in smaller lightweight platforms
  • Capable of efficient communications for command and control as well as for the transmission of sensor-generated information

Author’s Biography

Aaron Frank

Senior Product Manager, Intel SBC & Graphics

Aaron Frank joined Curtiss-Wright in January 2010. As the Senior Product Manager for Single Board Computer and Graphics product lines, he is responsible for a wide range of COTS products utilizing processing and video graphics/GPU technologies in many industry standard module formats (VME, VPX, etc). His focus includes product development and marketing strategies, technology roadmaps, and serving as a subject matter expert within the sales team. Previous to this role, Aaron held the product Manager role for Networking products. Aaron has a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.

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