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Reducing Integration Headaches with Ground Vehicle Optimized Displays

January 12, 2018 | BY: Val Chrysostomou

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The modern battlefield requires real-time information, voice communication, video and data to increase combat effectiveness and warfighter safety. System integrators looking to install displays in military vehicles need systems that meet operational, environmental, vehicle and human computer interface performance requirements beyond that of consumer devices.

Display performance and technology limitations related to human computer interfaces and vehicle physical environments add to the complexity of this integration task. With severe budget constraints, integrators also need to identify Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware.

This is not so easy to do if all the varied display requirements for all the missions and applications are taken into consideration. Additionally, commercial product lifetimes tend to be a lot shorter in comparison to the military system lifetimes that could reach up to 20 years. Most commercial products also offer a narrow range of temperature and little shock or vibration compatibility.

Ground Display

Figure 1: Modern ground vehicles require real-time information to increase their effectiveness

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Val Chrysostomou, Video Display

Author’s Biography

Val Chrysostomou

Product Manager, VDS

Val Chrysostomou is a Product Manager for the Video and Display Systems group at Curtiss-Wright. She has been involved in the defense industry for over 17 years with the last 10 years holding positions in marketing and product management. Val obtained a PhD in Engineering Management focusing in new product introduction efficiencies from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

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