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The Predictive Maintenance Edge for Improved Airline Operations

January 09, 2017 | BY: Thomas Melia

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Finding the Competitive Edge

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As little as two years ago, the focus for operational savings was on efficient fuel burn. The airline industry had been shocked four years previously when jet fuel prices had rapidly doubled in price to $2.90 per barrel, and stayed there. This had made fuel 30% to 40% of the operational costs, forcing operators to procure next generation aircraft with greater fuel efficiency and lower weight. Today, fuel-prices have dropped back down to below $1.50 per barrel, allowing airlines to postpone the retirement of their current generation aircraft, as these platforms are returning a healthy operational profit again.

With fuel costs no longer the main cost driver for airline operations, the focus has moved to the emerging predictive maintenance techniques which promises to reduce maintenance spend by 15%-20%. In this white paper we explore the problems Airline MROs are having with current monitoring approaches that do not always give the right information for prediction and suggest an approach which can deliver this.

Download our The Predictive Maintenance Edge for Improved Airline Operations white paper to explore the challenges and solutions for getting the data needed for effective predictive maintenance programs and learn more about:

Author’s Biography

Thomas Melia

Product Manager (Aircraft Equipment)

Thomas Melia has 10 years of experience developing solutions for customers in many application areas (Audio Separation & Localization Algorithms, Software Defined Radios, Concrete Embedded RFIDs, Oil-Well Imaging ASICs, FSK/ASK Transceivers, Digital TV Tuners, Airborne Instrumentation). He studied at University College, Dublin obtaining an Electronic Engineering Degree in 2003 and a PhD in Digital Signal Processing in 2007. Since joining Curtiss-Wright in 2011, he has been responsible for bid management and the expansion of Continued Airworthiness and Avionics COTS offerings.

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