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Thermal Management in Rugged Computer Systems

May 07, 2019 | BY: Eric Harper, Ivan Straznicky

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As rugged computer systems designed for military programs grow more powerful and more complex, keeping these systems cool under the harshest of conditions becomes more challenging. When computer components get too hot, they do not perform to their designed specifications which can cause problems in a mission-critical environment.

To keep these systems running smoothly and performing as designed, suppliers have a variety of techniques they can use, including conduction, convection, Air-Flow-Through (AFT), Liquid-Flow-Through (LFT), and Fluid-Flow-Through (FFT). This white paper looks at the different cooling techniques available and aims to provide clarity on how to choose the best solution.

Cooling hot chips is a constant battle in rugged systems

Cooling hot chips is a constant battle in rugged systems

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Dealing with a Hot Chip
  • Keeping Your Cool
    • Conduction Cooling
    • Convection (Air) Cooling
    • Air-Flow-Through Cooling
    • Liquid-Flow-Through Cooling
    • Fluid-Flow-Through Cooling
Eric Harper, Marketing Portfolio Manager

Author’s Biography

Eric Harper

Marketing Portfolio Manager

Eric Harper is the Marketing Portfolio Manager for the Integrated Systems and Parvus business units of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. He has worked for several magazines reviewing computer networking products, written several books on computer networking, and has held marketing roles at various networking, software, and security companies.

Author’s Biography

Ivan Straznicky

Technical Fellow

Ivan Straznicky, P.Eng. is CTO Advanced Packaging and a Technical Fellow at Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He received his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and is a Certified Advanced Technology Manager. His responsibilities include the entire scope of advanced packaging technologies for the company’s products. Ivan has over 30 years of experience in the defense & aerospace industry in manufacturing, engineering, technology, and management.

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