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CESMO Plays a Critical Role in NATO Electronic Warfare Operations

January 07, 2021 | BY: Steven Horsburgh

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Knowing the precise location of threats and friendly forces is essential to increase warfighter survivability. Cooperative Electronic Support Measure Operations (CESMO) data gives NATO coalition forces this visibility. CESMO is the digital protocol NATO adopted in Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4658 and Allied Engineering Documentation Publication (AEDP) 13 to support Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electromagnetic Operations (EMO). It involves platforms equipped with sensors capable of detecting radio frequency (RF) emissions from all types of ground, air, and sea platforms hostile and friendly. Friendly platforms in the area can use the protocol and information exchange network CESMO provides to exchange collected data within seconds, allowing a real-time position fix of these signal sources.

CESMO bridges tactical data link networks

When CESMO is used on its own, all coalition forces on the CESMO network know exactly what types of threats theyre facing and where they are. They also know the location of friendly forces they might not otherwise be aware of. When CESMO is used in combination with other tactical data link (TDL) types such as Link 16, this situational awareness is extended to the broader community of coalition forces and enhances time-sensitive targeting decisions.

To learn more about how CESMO is continuously enhanced and in use today by NATO member countries, download the white paper.

Steven Horsburgh

Author’s Biography

Steven Horsburgh

Director of Product Management & IT

Dr. Horsburgh is the Director of Product Management & IT at the Tactical Communications Group of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions. After obtaining his Ph.D. in Physics, he has 30 years of research and development experience designing solutions to complex, large, data driven applications for commercial and military use. He has 12 years of experience with Tactical Data Links software design and development in both engineering and management positions. Prior to joining Curtiss-Wright, Steve worked in satellite communications and data management for the Naval Research Lab, Mission Research Corporation, and ATK and subsequently joined Tactical Communication Group, LLC (TCG) to architect, design and manage agile research and development projects related to Tactical Data Links including Link 16, VMF, CoT, and CESMO. TCG was acquired by Curtiss-Wright in March 2019 and Steve continues to manage R&D, Marketing, and Information Technology projects.

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