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Physical Layer Switch - How To Design Flexibility into a Rugged Deployed System

December 01, 2009

Technological advances in data acquisition, data storage, surveillance, and recognition continually open new possibilities and promise to revolutionize the art of defense. These rising aspirations and the critical need to gain advantage and save lives in the field have made it even more...

Risk Management for Counterfeit Materials - The Role of the COTS Board Manufacturer

December 01, 2009

Numerous media reports and investigations, coupled with public statements by government and industry players, provide ample evidence to suggest that the proliferation of counterfeit parts and materials in the electronics industry is becoming increasingly widespread.

Serial FPDP - More Than an Extension of FPDP

December 01, 2009

Serial FPDP (VITA 17.1), the technology pioneered in our FibreXtreme products, was developed to overcome this distance limitation. It presents a straightforward approach to serializing the FPDP data stream and transmitting it over extended distances. This paper outlines the concept of...

SCRAMNet GT: GT Memory Access - The PIO Read Prefetch Cache

December 01, 2009

When reading from a data store, considerable latency is often introduced as the storage media is accessed. In order to decrease this latency, devices often cache data in an easily and quickly accessible cache memory. Like such devices, GT devices use a form of caching known as data...

SCRAMNet+: Shared Memory-Speed, Determinism, Reliability, and Flexibility For Distributed Real-Time Systems

December 01, 2009

The Shared Common Random Access Memory Network (SCRAMNet+) from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions meets the unique demands of dedicated real-time systems such as advanced aircraft flight simulators where multiple computers are used to solve an intricate real-time problem.

SCRAMNet GT: GT Memory Access - PIO vs. DMA

December 01, 2009

When transferring data to and from a data store, selection of the most efficient and timely method for doing so is often critical. Selection of an underperforming method can have an adverse impact on what would otherwise be a high performance system. Therefore, when presented with a...

SCRAMNet GT: Effective Use of SCRAMNet GT Network Interrupts

December 01, 2009

Network interrupts are messages that can be passed among nodes on a SCRAMNet GT network. They can be used for event notification and process synchronization between different processes distributed across the network. The SCRAMNet GT API provides an efficient and powerful interface for...

SCRAMNet GT: A New Technology for Shared-Memory Communication in High-Throughput Networks

December 01, 2009

This paper will describe SCRAMNet GT, a new high-throughput technology for connecting multiple computer platforms to form a single, real-time, distributed processing system in which memory is shared among the computers.

Data Acquisition Blasts Off - Space Flight Testing

October 01, 2009

This paper discusses highlights the issues that instrumentation engineers need to consider when designing or selecting flight test equipment and discusses some FTI solutions.

Networked FTI Data Recording Solutions

September 01, 2009

This paper presents a cross-section of the Ethernet technologies that are used for data recording systems.

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