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X-Tools: A Case Study In Building World Class Software

November 02, 2010

X-Tools is a collection of utilities for validation, translation, editing and report generation designed to enable the Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) community to quickly adopt the XidML 3.0 meta-data standard. This paper discusses the challenges of developing such software that...

Switches for Networked FTI

November 02, 2010

This paper provides an introduction to network switching concepts with a focus on its operation in a networked FTI system.

Recording in the iNET Architecture

November 02, 2010

This paper discusses several ways in which the recorder can be optimized to improve the memory capacity usage, writing speed and relevance of the recorded data.

Intro to XidML 3.0 an Open XML Standard for FTI Description

November 02, 2010

This paper introduces the XidML schema and describers the benefits of XidML 3.0 in particular.

FTI Discovery, Health and Status Monitoring

November 02, 2010

This paper focuses on two levels of FTI discovery, discovering the network topology and discovering the configuration of the FTI network devices. Moreover, this paper describes how the same discovery technologies may be used for health and status monitoring.

An Enhancement of Existing RF Data Links

September 01, 2010

This paper discusses an approach to improving quality of data links using an advanced diversity
technique that does not select one source at a time but aligns and combines soft values from each.

Ground Combat Systems - Common Vehicle Electronics Architecture and Application

August 17, 2010

Curtiss-Wright has developed an advanced, open system approach to Vehicle Electronics, based on our vast experience in providing military electronics to many programs for ground, sea, and air platforms. This paper discussed VICTORY Architecture and intra-vehicle network centric...

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