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Analog Input Performance of VPX3-530

December 15, 2014

This white paper provides the typical (measured) performance of the analog inputs of the VPX3-530, what the advantages are of various modes and how well they compare with the formal device datasheets.

Basic Elements of MIL-STD-704

December 03, 2014

This white paper supplies a summary of the MIL-STD-704 standard and presents some ideas regarding ways to achieve compliant designs.


International Military Standards: An Input Power Reference Guide

November 03, 2014

This reference guide focuses on international military standard input power requirements.

Achieving High-performance Graphics and Optimal Energy Efficiency for Conventional Military and Commercial Avionics Systems with AMD Embedded Radeon E8860 GPUs

October 24, 2014

Leading avionics technology providers CoreAVI and Curtiss-Wright leverage AMD Embedded Radeon graphics and open standards to bring ultra-immersive displays and precision visualization into the cockpit.

Characteristics of Quality Mission Displays

October 23, 2014

This free white paper addresses central features and design elements of a display suitable for use in demanding military or civil environments. It also discusses the environmental and functional challenges.

Building a Scalable and Flexible Test Infrastructure - A Standards-based Approach

October 14, 2014

This paper outlines how open standards and typical network infrastructures can be leveraged to solve some of the problems associated with data acquisition in distributed and highly heterogeneous test environments.

Video Management Systems Support Services

October 06, 2014

This white paper addresses the challenges faced by video display subsystem integrators related to problems with connectivity, functional inconsistencies, and end user training.

White Paper: Video Management Systems Support Services

Arm Processors Define a New Era for Defense & Aerospace Embedded Computing

September 30, 2014

With increasing budget pressures and the multitude of high performance, high cost products on the market, finding a lower cost alternative embedded solution that offers good performance, low power, and high integrity may seem arduous. Download this free white paper to learn about how...

Arm Processors Define a New Era for Defense & Aerospace Embedded Computing

Moving Data Analysis into the Acquisition Hardware

September 15, 2014

This white paper discusses how data processing cards can provide flexible onboard processing functionality for exceedance flagging for usage monitoring, NMEA message parsing, fuel level tracking, and processing data prior to telemetering to ground.

Modular Approach to Rugged COTS Data Storage Selection

August 19, 2014

Data gathering and storage device components must frequently be deployed in harsh military environments onboard platforms such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and armored vehicles, all of which require a high level of system ruggedness. Data storage devices on these platforms are...

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