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Beyond Trusted Computing

December 12, 2018

Read the white paper by Curtiss-Wright TCOTS experts and learn about our holistic approach to Trusted Computing that applies rigorous protection standards at every stage of the development process.

Trusted Computing, Secure boot, key management, cybersecurity, TrustedCOTS

Latency: Understanding Delays in Embedded Networks

November 30, 2018

Andrew McCoubrey explores the causes of latency in embedded Ethernet networks and how networking features can be used to manage and reduce it.

Latency in embedded Ethernet networks

Considering the Role of Hardware in Securing OS and Hypervisor Operation

November 28, 2018

This white paper by David Sheets explores the role that hardware plays in ensuring the security of operating systems (OS) and hypervisors.

Trusted Computing, Hypervisors, Layering Security, OS Security Concepts

The Challenges of Cost Effective Video Management System Integration

November 26, 2018

This white paper highlights the challenges with video system architecture design by looking at a traditional system versus an ideal system solution.

The Challenges of Cost Effective Video Management System Integration

Integrated Data Acquisition Solutions for Aerospace Platforms with Highly Restrictive Space and Weight Requirements and Harsh Environmental Conditions

November 07, 2018

Space and weight are key factors in designing, mounting and installing data acquisition systems on UAV and missile development programs. Pat Quinn discusses integrated and expandable solutions that address these challenges.

Data Acquisition, DAU, DAS

High Speed Signal Integrity Capabilities

October 31, 2018

Ivan Straznicky and Luke Falconer look at implementation of high speed serial fabric signaling on VPX/OpenVPX platforms.

Signal Integrity

A Matter of Trust: Reducing Program Risk with Dependable Solutions

October 23, 2018

Mike Hornby explores how tactical advantage on the battlefield of the future will be based on trust. To be effective on the battlefield, personnel will need a higher level of trust that all systems will work as needed in any situation.

A Matter of Trust: Reducing Program Risk with Dependable Solutions for Tomorrow’s Battlefield

Why is it so Difficult to Design a Flight Recorder?

October 23, 2018

Many organizations want to develop a flight data recorder (FDR) to build in-country expertise and create custom solutions easily. This white paper details the requirements for an FDR and how they are built.

Flight Data Recorders, FDR, CPMM, Crash Protected Memory Modules

Hardware Features for Maintaining Security During Operation

October 18, 2018

This white paper focuses on hardware features built-in to the most popular defense and aerospace processor architectures to ensure the continued security of a trusted system during operation.

Trusted Computing, cybersecurity, data-at-rest

Is Arm the Future for Airborne Platforms in Military and Aerospace?

October 05, 2018

This white paper looks at whether Arm’s commercial success can translate to defense and aerospace markets in order to meet the highest DO-254 requirements and fill the Power Architecture void.

Arm, Do-254, DAL-A, Processors

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