Additional 2018 Intelligent Aerospace Technology Innovation Awards Announced for Aerospace and Defense Industry

November 14, 2018

Additional 2018 Intelligent Aerospace Technology Innovation Awards Announced for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Published in Military & Aerospace Electronics

ASHBURN, Va. – Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace are announcing additional awardees for their 2018 Technology Innovation Awards to recognize companies offering substantial military, aerospace, and avionics design solutions.

Awards are in three tiers -- ranging from platinum, the highest, to the gold awards, and finally to the silver awards -- and are based on the recommendations of an independent panel of industry judges.

Platinum awards...

The Axon Miniature Data Acquisition Unit from the Curtiss-Wright Corp. Defense Solutions Division in Ashburn, Va., is an ultra-compact and lightweight data acquisition system that works as a remote node or as a stand-alone chassis. Axon uses a 1-gigabit-per-second serial backplane to support high data rates. This design also enables designers to place off-the-shelf data acquisition modules in ultra-miniature "Axonite" housings and locate them remotely. It helps decrease the installation time and cost of the instrumentation while simultaneously reducing wiring weight.

Gold awards...

The VPX3-1260 3U VPX 8th Gen Intel Xeon E-2176M single-board computer from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, offers a leap in performance over previous generations of Core i7 and Xeon processors in the smallest 3U form factor. Leveraging Intel’s first-ever six-core processor, the VPX3-1260 is designed to deliver more than 50 percent more processing power than previous for-core designs. The VPX3-1260 offers 10-Gigabit and 40-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for fast data transfer and high network productivity. It has a local NVMe local solid-state drive, and is built to VITA 47 standards. It provides high non-throttling performance, and offers Intel’s latest Trusted Computing features, such as Intel Boot Guard and UEFI Secure Boot, and offers Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) for secured run-time software enclaves.

The Rugged Video Gateway Range product family from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions provides a flexible building block for complex video management and integration. It’s interoperable with the Curtiss-Wright RVG range enabling complex, scalable, solutions. For example, the format converter can combine in a video management system with the RVG-SD1 digital video switch and/or the RVG-SA1 analog video switch. Other elements are available for configuring a complete VMS -- include rugged LCD touchscreen mission displays, and digital HD video recorders.

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Trusted Computing for Defense & Aerospace

Curtiss-Wright goes well beyond standard approaches to Trusted Computing to provide truly secure solutions for air, ground, and sea platforms. We keep cybersecurity and physical protection in mind, from design and testing to supply chain and manufacturing. This comprehensive, end-to-end approach creates an effective mesh of protection layers that integrate to ensure reliability of Curtiss-Wright products in the face of attempted compromise.