Upgrading Data Storage Capacity on Legacy Aircraft with Open Standards

May 17, 2021

Upgrading Data Storage Capacity on Legacy Aircraft with Open Standards

Published in Contact Fighters Magazine.

The Data Storage Dilemma

One of the biggest problems facing system integrators today is the never-ending increase in data. From intelligence surveillance reconnaissance sensors, video, and other proliferating sources, data just keeps growing. How can you store it and how do you keep it safe? Frequently, older data storage systems on legacy aircraft just aren't up to the job. When defense and aerospace integrators need to upgrade their platforms, data storage capabilities, or ensure their data is securely encrypted and safe from adversaries, they turn to Curtiss-Wright.

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Network Attached Storage Solutions

Our encrypted, solid state network attached storage (NAS) subsystems are designed to reliably provide file services to clients on an Ethernet network in a rugged environment. These NAS solutions protect data-at-rest (DAR) with the industry’s first NIAP Common Criteria (CC) certified 2-Layer encryption, as well as an option for NSA Type 1 encryption. With terabytes of available storage space and 100k insertion cycle connectors, these scalable rugged Ethernet file servers enable reliable, secure storage of your critical data.

Data-At-Rest (DAR) Encryption

Today’s defense and aerospace platforms are required to protect critical data-at-rest (DAR) from unauthorized access. Curtiss-Wright offers cost-effective, proven, and certified commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) storage solutions that match various data security requirements, including National Security Agency (NSA) Type 1, NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC), Common Criteria (CC), and FIPS 140-2.