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Military & Aerospace Electronics

The Evolution of Embedded Computing Chassis, Backplanes, and Enclosures

High data throughput and innovative thermal management may lead to a revolution in systems design that places the burden of electronics cooling on the enclosure more than on the card.

Avionics International

Military Avionics Trends: Cockpit Upgrades, Integration with Civil Airspace

In the coming years, the military avionics supply and demand chain will feature advanced cockpit upgrades and integration capabilities with civil airspace, as countries move forward on urban air mobility concepts and as the use of drones becomes increasingly common.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

New Frontiers in Real-Time Software

Efficient execution is key to real-time mission-critical operating systems software, yet new demands are emerging such as safety-critical operations for avionics and other life-critical applications.


Open Architecture Drives U.S. Army’s Future Vertical Lift Program

Prototype designs for the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program, one of the U.S. Army’s most important and game-changing initiatives, are fully embracing the open architecture design philosophy for the next-generation helicopters that will replace its fleet of OH58 Kiowa Warrior, AH64 Apache, and UH60 Black Hawk rotorcraft.

Avionics International

Will Today’s Cybersecurity Guidelines and Standards Become Mandates for Connected Aircraft Systems?

Aviation cybersecurity mandates by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are coming in the next two years.

Avionics International

How Embedded Systems are Coping with the Heat of Today's Avionics

With faster processors, more functions, and higher bandwidth than ever before, today’s avionics are pushing the cooling technology envelope to the breaking point – and beyond.

Avionics International

How Fiber Optics Will Propel Future Avionics

The use of fiber optics is gaining momentum in modern avionics because it helps solve the size, weight and power (SWaP) challenges in next generation system designs.

Military Embedded Systems

Your Flying Taxi is Here

Thanks to parallel advancements in battery technology and autonomous vehicles resulting from Tesla and other pioneering electric automobile manufacturers, we are rapidly approaching the era of the unmanned flying taxi.

MRO Business Today

The Kaleidoscope of Avionics @Curtiss-Wright

Swati Ketkar @ MRO Business Today interviews Chris Thomson of Curtiss-Wright about how predictive maintenance is changing the world of avionics.

Avionics International

Liquid Cooling: Thermally Managing Next-Generation Avionics

As aircraft embedded systems grow in complexity and the aviation industry embraces hybrid electric power, new methods of cooling are emerging to resolve thermal management and overheating challenges.

Military Embedded Systems

Optimizing Multicore Architectures for Safety-Critical Applications

Bringing the benefits of multicore processors to safety-critical systems is challenging. Read how Curtiss-Wright and Green Hills Software are up to the challenge.

Air Beat

SWaP-Optimized: The Right Way to Add Advanced Surveillance Capabilities to Rotorcraft

Making the modern video equipment work together with the platform’s legacy systems can be costly and complex. The time and effort needed to integrate a myriad of legacy and modern video formats and resolutions can both add program risk and delay deployment.