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Quality First

Engineers adopt different approaches to ensure data quality in aerospace testing. They employ best practice techniques to data acquisition and management to keep data accurate and results reliable.

Aerospace Tech Review

High Speed Cameras for Aerospace Testing

High speed cameras are used to capture pictures of very rapid events that would be impossible to capture with normal cameras.

OEMs Target Cleaner, Greener Cabin Air Conditioning

OEMs Target Cleaner, Greener Cabin Air Conditioning

A new generation of cabin air conditioning systems is emerging, prompted by a focus on reliability, air quality and sustainability.

Faster Than A Speeding Aircraft: Advances in Flight Test Telemetry

Faster Than A Speeding Aircraft: Advances in Flight Test Telemetry

Telemetry is critical for the aviation industry to deliver new products. It’s a key asset to aerospace research, testing and FAA certification.

Microwaves & RF

What You Need to Know About the Telemetry Network Standard

The TmNS is an emerging technology for the major flight-test ranges in the U.S. By allowing for bidirectional data and control, this upgraded ground infrastructure is a significant step forward for the flight-test community.

Military Embedded Systems

Securing Telemetry Data with Commercial Encryption Standards Article from Military Embedded Systems

Telemetry data from military flight tests often needs to be secured, not only when at rest, but also while in motion across a network or a telemetry link.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

2021 Military & Aerospace Technology Innovators Awards Announced for Aerospace and Defense Achievement

Awards are in three tiers -- ranging from platinum, the highest, to the gold awards, and finally to the silver awards.



A re-evaluation of hypersonic weapons and vehicles is prompting investment and innovation in test instrumentation and data acquisition.