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Cores and Threads: Hybrid Processors for Today’s Multitasking World

Cores and Threads: Hybrid Processors for Today’s Multitasking World

Taken to the extreme, today’s high-end graphics processors (GPUs) can execute thousands of simultaneous operations, which is fundamental for highly parallel 3D visualizations and complex AI [artificial intelligence] processing tasks.

The Future of High-Performance Embedded Computing

The Future of High-Performance Embedded Computing

Much of the innovation in high-performance embedded computing starts with microprocessors.


Intel CPUs Power Processor Cards at the Edge

Designed with Intel® Xeon® D processor architecture, Curtiss-Wright's CHAMP-XD1 processor card is ideally suited for compute-intensive aerospace and defense applications, meeting the high performance, reliability, and security standards these industries require.

Intel Solutions Brief

Optimizing Performance, Security, and SWaP at the Tactical Edge

Optimized for performance, speed, security, and SWaP, Curtiss-Wright CHAMP-XD1 processor cards leverage Intel® Xeon® D processor architecture to meet the high demands of modern defense missions.


Next-Gen Processors and Virtualization Cut SWaP Tradeoffs

Today, increasing demand for functionality in modern aircraft is driving a critical need for virtualized avionics systems that combine separate capabilities into a single ruggedized and compact computer.

Military Embedded Systems

Doubling Down: Intel’s 8-core Xeon Processor Raises the Performance Bar for Rugged Systems

In August 2021, Intel announced the new Intel Xeon W-11000E Series processor ­(formerly known as “Tiger Lake-H”), designed for the embedded market.

Military Embedded Systems

Modernizing a Serial Processing Code to Obtain Optimal Performance on an OpenVPX Digital Signal Processing Module

Tammy Carter and Beau Paisley look at how serial algorithms can be evolved to scalable, multithreaded implementation using well-established high-performance computing (HPC) programming frameworks such as OpenMP and MPI.


Intel Xeon D Pushes Military Applications Forward in GPP Technology Across the Spectrum of Defense Applications

Intel Xeon D is the first Xeon processor qualified for extended temperature ranges, offering more flexibility and higher performance than is typical for embedded products.