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Military Embedded Systems

Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA): Enabling the Next Generation of Flexible and Adaptable Radar Systems

In order to keep up with the continued acceleration of new technology and to be able to protect the warfighter from the latest threats, it is essential that we can turn our deployed platforms into adaptable entities that can evolve over time and are not static. The SOSA [Sensor Open Systems Architecture] Technical Standard is the next major step in realizing this goal.

Military Embedded Systems

Designing Multifunction Radar and EW Systems Means Staying Ahead of the Tech Curve

Tammy Carter and David Jedynak discuss how huge data demands are pushing radar and electronic warfare (EW) developers to seek new ways to deliver multifunction systems that also meet strict size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

New Frontiers in Passive Radar and Sonar

J.R. Wilson with Military & Aerospace Electronics considers how Passive sensor systems may be ready to come into their own, as high-performance embedded computing technology becomes powerful enough to handle massive computing loads.