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Military & Aerospace Electronics

Radiation Tolerance Meets Commercial Space

The wave of commercially developed communications and remote-sensing satellites seeks to balance costs, capability, size, weight, and power consumption in the latest new space designs.

Military Embedded Systems

Contested Space, Small Sats, and the Gamble on COTS in Space

Contested space, where nations compete for military dominance outside Earth’s atmosphere, is driving many military space platforms, but commercial space and small satellites continue to change the way the military suppliers of space electronics approach radiation-hardened component design from testing to deployment.

Military Embedded Systems

Today’s Spacecraft and Satellite Requirements Giving COTS a Fresh Look

The fast growth of small satellites and their lower life cycle and launch costs has created a sizable market for low-cost electronic components that have radiation-resistant characteristics.

Intelligent Aerospace

Lowering the Cost of Spacecraft Avionics with Radiation-Tolerant COTS Electronics

The risk of failure for avionics equipment on-board spacecraft due to radiation exposure is a critical issue for launchers, re-entry vehicles, space habitats and satellites


Curtiss-Wright Lowers Space Flight Cost, Speeds Up Development Time and Reduces Risk

Introducing the Smart Backplane subsystem (KAM/CSB/12U), a rugged multi-slot chassis designed specifically for data acquisition, data processing, and recording in radiation-intensive space environments.

Military Embedded Systems

Reduced SWaP, COTS in Space, and Budget Constraints in the Rad-Hard World

John McHale with Military Embedded Systems discusses radiation testing and qualification requirements for defense and space agencies are getting tougher and embracing TOR standards.