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A Tour of VITA AFT Cooling Standards in 2023

A Tour of VITA AFT Cooling Standards in 2023

For critical and intelligent deployed embedded modules, air-flow-through (AFT) cooling describes an approach that brings the coolant much closer to heat-generating electronics than standard conduction-cooled approaches.

Military Embedded Systems

SOSA Technical Standard Will Benefit Systems of all Kinds

The standards currently being defined by the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium will deliver many clear benefits to system integrators designing embedded sensor-processing systems. The SOSA Technical Standard will define common pinouts that foster and ease interoperability.

Mil Tech Insider

It’s Time for VITA 47: Raise the Bar on Defining Ruggedization, Reliability

Aaron Frank and Ivan Straznicky look at VITA 47 for ruggedization and reliability. The VITA Standards Organization’s ANSI/VITA 47 targets the Environments, Design and Construction, Safety, and Quality for Plug-In Units.