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Military Embedded Systems

RoCE Protocol Brings 40 Gbps Ethernet to VxWorks

Aaron Frank discusses the challenges 40 Gbps Ethernet faces in VxWorks environments and how they can now be overcome.

VITA Technologies

Armed and ready

Jerry Gipper with VITA Technologies discusses how Arm processors are showing up in Single Board Computers and FPGA processor cards that require SWaP.

Military Embedded Systems

Beamforming: FPGAs rise to the challenge

Denis Smetana discusses the design approaches for implementing beamforming processing tasks using GPU, DSP and FPGA processors.

Avionics International

US Safety Officials Call for New Aircraft Tracking Upgrades

Woodrow Bellamy at Avionics Today discusses recommendations on avionics upgrades & improved capabilities for aircraft flying oceanic routes.

Military Embedded Systems

Taming the Tin-Whiskers Beast

Ivan Straznicky on how intensive research is leading to effective mitigation of the tin whiskers phenomenon.