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military embedded systems

Meeting Program Schedules in a Time of Supply-chain Uncertainty

These days, program managers are trying to figure out how best to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of supply-chain disruption, while protecting their customer’s program schedule and supporting the warfighter.

military and aerospace electronics

Embedded Computing Enclosures go Standard, and go Small

Industry standards and guidelines such as MOSA, SOSA, CMOSS, SAVE, and FACE are driving the latest developments in enclosures, chassis, and backplane databuses, as small for factors are ready to take center stage.


Intel CPUs Power Processor Cards at the Edge

Designed with Intel® Xeon® D processor architecture, Curtiss-Wright's CHAMP-XD1 processor card is ideally suited for compute-intensive aerospace and defense applications, meeting the high performance, reliability, and security standards these industries require.

aerospace & defense Review

Protecting and Analyzing Data from Unmanned Platforms at the Edge of the Battlefield

A key driver for the use of unmanned platforms is their ability to collect data without putting warfighters in harm's way.

Microwaves & RF

What You Need to Know About the Telemetry Network Standard

The TmNS is an emerging technology for the major flight-test ranges in the U.S. By allowing for bidirectional data and control, this upgraded ground infrastructure is a significant step forward for the flight-test community.

military embedded systems

Open Source SDR: a Faster, Better Way to Develop and Deploy EW Capabilities

Maintaining dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum has never been more critical to mission success. The challenge facing system designers is how to accelerate the transition of new communications and electronic warfare (EW) capabilities from concept to the laboratory and then expedite the deployment of those new capabilities to the warfighter.

military embedded systems

SAVE this Space: Defining the C5ISR Space for Army Vehicles

To lower the cost and help speed the pace of technology upgrades for C5ISR [command, control, computers, communications, cyber, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance] systems on Army vehicles, the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Officer (PEO) for Ground Combat Systems (GCS) has issued an Interface Description Document (IDD).

Aerospace & Defense Technology

What System Designers Should Know About MOSA Standards

In today’s technology-rich battlefield, new threats emerge and change quickly. Rapidly responding to new threats in this dynamic environment is one of the primary drivers behind the DoD mandate to adopt a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for procurement across the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Rugged Computing Takes on the Battlefield Networking Challenge

Connectivity, networking, SWaP, and thermal management are among the highest priorities of rugged computing designers to support mobile warfighters at the edge.

Intel Solutions Brief

Optimizing Performance, Security, and SWaP at the Tactical Edge

Optimized for performance, speed, security, and SWaP, Curtiss-Wright CHAMP-XD1 processor cards leverage Intel® Xeon® D processor architecture to meet the high demands of modern defense missions.

Shephard Media

In Touch Anywhere

US services are keen to provide SATCOM to frontline units and enable communication on the move worldwide. Shephard speaks to industry experts to identify the capabilities and limitations of this emerging technology.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Cyber Battlegrounds: Trusted Computing, Cyber Warfare, and Cyber Security for National Defense

The threat categories are many. Vehicle loss or capture, data loss or transport, nation state hackers or internal threats all can threaten or intercept data at rest.