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Military & Aerospace Electronics

Cyber Battlegrounds: Trusted Computing, Cyber Warfare, and Cyber Security for National Defense

The threat categories are many. Vehicle loss or capture, data loss or transport, nation state hackers or internal threats all can threaten or intercept data at rest.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Data Storage: It’s All Coming Up NVMe

Non-Volatile Memory Express is fast, small, and lightweight, yet it still has something to prove when it comes to ruggedization, thermal performance, and power consumption.

Military Embedded Systems

The Relative and the Absolute: A MOSA Path to Complementary Position, Navigation, and Time Information for GPS

The use of a modular open systems approach (MOSA) will benefit the effort to integrate alternative position, navigation, and timing (PNT) technologies into platforms.

Military Embedded Systems

Securing Telemetry Data with Commercial Encryption Standards Article from Military Embedded Systems

Telemetry data from military flight tests often needs to be secured, not only when at rest, but also while in motion across a network or a telemetry link.

Military Embedded Systems

CMOSS: Building-Block Architecture Brings Speed, Cost Benefits

The C4ISR/Electronic Warfare Modular Open Suite of Standards (CMOSS) enables engineers and developers of systems used by the warfighter to move toward much faster technology insertions and refreshes, with a corresponding reduction in long-term life cycle costs.

Milsat Magazine

Enabling the Tactical Edge in Degraded Environments

To optimize overall situational understanding (SU) in the battlefield, the US Army, Air Force, Navy and SOF are seeking new programs. These programs will adopt a variety of compute and bandwidth-intensive technologies, such as cloud-based networks.


Processing Pattern of Life Data at the Tactical Edge

Whether centralized or at the edge, one of the biggest military needs extant today is the imperative for a common operating picture (COP) with support for Pattern of Life (POL) analysis across all relevant data sets, to enable powerful capabilities such as anomaly detection, entity tracking, real-time alerting, predictive classification and historical analysis.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

Is Thermal Management up to the High-performance Computing Challenge?

Embedded computing designers squeeze the most out of conduction, convection, and liquid cooling, and look to the future of disaggregated architectures and 3D printing.

ARMADA International

Navy’s NAVPLAN Integration in a Contested Sea

As rivalry returns at sea, navies are seeking dominance at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. In this context, using networked datalinks to enable, integrate, and enhance communications is a strategic, operational, and tactical priority for navies.

Military Embedded Systems

Minimizing Latency Can Enhance Situational Awareness In Tactical Ground Vehicles

Through-armor video systems provide in-vehicle crews of manned and remote crews of unmanned ground vehicles with critical visibility and situational awareness. This vital visual information needs to be accessible as close to real-time as possible.

Military Embedded Systems

Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) – Taking EW Systems to the Next Level

The Sensor Open Systems Architecture Technical Standard (SOSA) – which will bring many benefits to designers of radar systems – will also have a beneficial effect on the design of electronic warfare (EW) systems.

Aerospace & Defense Technology

Taking the Tactical Cloud with You - Small Form Factor, Modular Data Centers at the Edge of the Battlefield

In order to achieve and maintain warfighting overmatch, coordinate deployed forces and enable new capabilities, the US Army, Air Force, and Navy are actively looking to new programs such as Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) to ensure warfighters have maximum situational awareness.