CESMO: A Common Denominator for Tactical Data Link Systems


Minimizing the time between transmission, detection, position fix, targeting, and sharing data among friendly forces is essential on todays battlefield. Cooperative Electronic Support Measure Operations (CESMO) data gives NATO coalition forces this visibility.

What is CESMO?

CESMO is the digital protocol NATO developed to support Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electromagnetic Operations (EMO). It provides platforms equipped with sensors capable of detecting radio frequency (RF) emissions, a real-time depiction of the location of all types of ground, air, and sea platforms hostile and friendly. Friendly platforms in the area can use the protocol and information exchange network CESMO provides to exchange collected data within seconds, allowing a live position fix of these signal sources.

The protocol can be used on its own or in combination with other protocols such as Link 16, for example, to extend this situational awareness to the broader community of coalition forces and enhance time-sensitive targeting decisions by providing warfighters with accurate real-time information on the battlefield.

Why use CESMO?

In contrast to other data links, CESMO is IP-based and can be exchanged between coalition platforms using commonly available UHF/VHF radios. This is an easy criterion to meet. Ground troops already carry radios that can send and receive encrypted data.

Coop Electronic Support Measure (CESMO)